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7 Tips for Styling Your Bedside Table

Mitchell Elworthy

We’ve seen them on Instagram and Pinterest, beautiful bedside tables styled to perfection. Warmly lit lamps adding to the glow of the room’s corner, magazines flawlessly spread, and a beautiful bedside lamp that matches the bed's frame and quilt cover easily. We’ve seen it, perfection is possible, but in reality, it’s hard to achieve. How can you style one of the most frequently used areas of your bedroom, your bedside table, so that even when things are a bit messy, it still looks amazing? Here are our seven beside styling tips.

1. Colour Code

    Choose decorative items and bedside tables that all have some colour cohesion with your existing furniture.

    linen house dawn orange quilt cover set

    This deep, rich black and white backdrop contrasts beautifully against the bold orange quilt cover for an oriental look that’s striking.

    Linen House Deluxe Waffle Quilt Cover Set


    If colour contrast isn’t of interest, try colour coordination for a gentle look. Warm colours of sand and beige work beautifully here with a wooden bedside table and natural earthenware.

    2. Choose Your Quilt Cover Wisely

    In line with above, we can’t tell you how important it is to choose a quilt cover that matches your bedside. Your bed is one of the biggest items in your room and therefore the colour of the quilt cover will absolutely have an effect on the styling of your bedside.

    Ardor Embroidered Peyton Cream Quilt Cover Set

    A good starting bed cover is a simple, high-quality minimalist white to arrange your bedroom items around. We love this one by Ardor Embroidered Peyton Cream Quilt Cover Set. It easily accepts both light and dark accents at the bedside. 

    Ardor Embroidered Peyton Cream Quilt Cover Set

    If, however, you know what your bedroom style is, go for a quilt cover that matches. This Alex Perry Aires Black Quilt Cover Set adds beautifully to the simple monochromatic look of the room.

    3. Books and Objets

    bedside table with books stacked


    We love this trick - if you have guests over or are renting the house out on Airbnb, there is nothing like stacking a bunch of coffee table books in order of size and placing some interesting decorative objet on top to feature. It’s professional styling 101.

    4. Use Height and Size

    bedside table with different sized objects


    Utilise different heights and sizes on your bedside table to create visual interest and focus.

    5. Soft and Simple

    simple small items on a bedside table


    Maybe you don’t want a tonne of unnecessary items on your bedside and that’s fine too. A few well chosen, curated items can look just as professional.

    6. Creative Bedside Lighting

    A bedside setting wouldn’t be completed without discussing lighting! For a traditional nod, matching round lamp shades work perfectly.

    Gina Table Lamp 1L 60W E27 in Black, Green or White Shade 650mm Cougar Lighting

    However, for a twist on a classic, go for something interestingly shaped such as this beautiful Jasmine table lamp.

    Jasmine Table Lamp E27 240V 40W Max Modern Chrome/Grey Telbix JASMINE TL-CH/GY

    Of course, you could always buy according to theme - we have a multitude of different styles.

    For a modern minimalist theme, we love this structured copper lamp from CLA Lighting

    Large Wood And Glass Table Lamp DIVA Series E27


    7. Symmetry Is Key

    Alex Perry Palazzo Black Quilt Cover Set


    The key to a beautiful bedside is a symmetrical set of bedside tables. Matching bedside tables will create an even, intentional look. Choose matching bedside tables and lamps for perfect symmetry.

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