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A complete guide on how to install fittings into corrugated iron

Mitchell Elworthy February 19, 2024 at 11:30 am

Ever wondered how to mount plumbing or electrical fittings to corrugated iron? Well in this blog you will find the perfect solution.

Our Stock Sheet is specifically designed for building projects demanding larger blocks or custom shapes to mount specialty fixtures, especially those that surpass the size of pre-cut stock blocks or need to be secured to corrugated iron cladding. We have multiple sized products for each application to mount your fittings perfectly. Ideal for high-end projects aiming for a polished finish, these sheets ensure an impeccable look. Users can effortlessly cut, drill, and sand Corromount Stock Sheets to provide a flat anchoring surface on Custom Orb surfaces, making them an excellent choice for plumbing, electrical, and building applications.

We have 3 products which are 100% Australian made and will suit all applications, depending on your fittings.

Rectangle Mounting Block Vertical/Horizontal Mount $29.99*

The Corromount Rectangle is great for electrical work and can make both inside and outside projects look really good. It's useful for plumbing, electrical jobs, and building projects. It's especially good for things like lights, switches, and wall outlets. You can get it in two styles: RIDGE and VALLEY.

It's size is 98mm x 122mm, and you can easily drill through it to set it up. It's made of eco-friendly, safe materials, and it stays looking nice for a long time. It fits just right in the middle of the bumps or dips of a wavy metal sheet.

 Round Mounting Block Vertical or Horizontal Mounts  $29.99*

For plumbing jobs that should look top-notch, the Corromount Round is a top pick. It's not just for plumbing; you can use it for pipes, faucets, and some electrical stuff too. It has a flat, strong surface for lots of different uses. You can get it in either the RIDGE or the VALLEY style.

It comes in sizes of 80mm and 122mm across, and it's protected from the sun. You can drill, cut, and paint it easily. It's really good for pipes and faucets and is made from all recycled stuff. Plus, it helps keep out water and bugs, so it lasts long and works well.

 Stock Sheet Mounting Block $79.99*

The Corromount Stock Sheet is made for building jobs that need big blocks or a special shape to attach special things. For big projects that need to look really good, this is a top choice. It's good for big things that are bigger than the normal blocks or if you need a special shape to attach it to wavy metal sheets.

Its size is 390mm x 300mm, and it's strong enough for heavy things. These sheets are easy to cut, drill, or smooth out, making them just right for Custom Orb surfaces. It's useful for plumbing, electrical work, or building jobs. It's made in Australia, from sun-protected recycled plastic that you can change easily, and it fits either on the bumps or dips of surfaces.

In Conclusion:

Setting up things on wavy metal isn't hard anymore. With these products, both experts and do-it-yourself people have what they need to make their projects look smooth and sharp. The Stock Sheet is flexible, the Rectangle is exact, and the Round block is all-purpose. All these products are made with the user and the environment in mind. Picking the right one can help your setup last long and look amazing. So, make sure things are set up right and look good on wavy metal. Have fun setting things up!



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