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Best Value LED Downlight On The Market - Optica

MItchell Elworthy

The Optica Trio Led Downlight; our latest downlight from Mercator is next level in price, performance and quality. There are thousands of different LED downlights in the $5 to $15 range and in that small gap the quality can vary quite significantly. So how do you know which one will hold up and perform?

I have sold hundreds of different LED downlights over the years, and have been able to see how the sale prices for downlights have decreased, increasing revenue and interest for customers. However, this means that for the wholesaler their no longer is a large margin in profit. And henceforth, cheap downlights are made for cheap prices, which is why it is critical that the customer knows what it is to look for in their next purchase.


See below for some pointers that I look out for when purchasing downlights:


  1. Product box - The box that the product comes in is a critical indication on the quality of the light. Chances are if the box is good quality and well presented then the downlight will be also. Stay away of thin boxes with loads of bright colours and overselling, which looks nothing but tacky.


  1. Material - Most downlights were Aluminium made, but now manufactures are shaving every cost possible and moving most downlights to be plastic. And I can tell you first hand, plastic downlights get returned 4 x as many as aluminium. Do yourself a favour and stay clear of plastic downlights. The aluminium on fittings acts as a heat sink and draws the heat out helping the LED’s to run at a lower temperature and therefore last longer the plastic models simply burn out.


  1. Brand - Always buy from leading wholesalers who have true warranty. If something major goes wrong with a downlight you have purchased from a legitimate lighting wholesaler, then you are ensured with a replacement and someone to fix it for you. Look at it as a form of insurance, paying that slightly higher price to have peace of mind, and not to mention safer with all the Aus standards met.

The latest downlight that has come across our table is the Optica 10w LED Downlight by Mercator.

This downlights most attractive feature is its price, which we are starting at $13,99 each. It could be considered the same price as some lower end downlights on the market, made up of plastic, as previously touched on. However, with The Optica Trio, it is full body Aluminum and backed with a 5 year commercial warranty which means you can have it on continuously for 24/7 for 5 years like any commercial space would have it. This right here is as good as it gets for this price range.

The Mercator Optica Trio not only performs well but looks neat in its design and style. It is available in white, polished silver and matt black with a slightly recessed face, lowering the glare level, which I strongly urge customers to get rather than the flush face.

The Optica also comes with the switch on the back to flick through warm, cool and daylight all in one. Again a great feature for a change in mind or perhaps a want to change the mood later on in your home. The Optica LED downlight is fully dimmable and has a IP44 so you can install in just about all applications.

The Optica 10w CCT LED Downlight by Mercator is the best on the market by far for the quality. The unit has a solid feel that will last the distance. I cannot recommend this downlight enough for this price range as nothing is even close to it. 



LED Downlight CCT Black
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MItchell Elworthy
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