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Brand Spotlight: Domus Lighting

Amy C

This month we’re excited to feature Domus Lighting as one of our top lighting and fixtures manufacturers. From day one Domus Lighting has supported The Lighting Outlet with outstanding service and products. Every time we sell a Domus product we have peace of mind, as we know Domus products last the distance, saving time and keeping our customers satisfied.

History of Domus Lighting 

Domus Lighting began in 1961, in response to a growing need for lighting innovation and quality in the Australian market. Today, the company continues to be a 100% Australian owned and operated family business with a commitment to innovation, quality, reliability, and durability.   

From small beginnings in electrical wholesale, to 55+ years of heritage manufacturing and distribution, Domus Lighting is now one of the largest lighting suppliers in the Australasian market. Here are five reasons why we absolutely love and stand by Domus Lighting products.

Long Lasting Carbon Filament Globes 

Domus Lighting specialise in carbon filaments that add a wonderful, warm, decorative mood to any room. However, the real benefit to Domus’s carbon filaments is that they last much longer than other brands. With a lifespan of 2,500 - 3,000hrs, we’ve witnessed first hand their carbon filament lights lasting over a year. Customers are always happy with the lifetime use of Domus Lighting’s carbon filaments.

Unbeatably Priced Downlights

Boost & Bliss Downlight

Extremely efficient, with 0.1% returns and requiring only 10 watts of power, the downlight outputs the same brightness as a 13 watt equivalent. It also includes a temperature changing switch on the back, allowing for perfect ambient lighting. These features are unheard for its very competitive price range of $13.99 - put simply the downlight is the best value on the market.

Deep 90 Downlight        

To further a point, the Deep 90 Downlight is our bestselling downlight.

Architects choose this LED downlight before any other due to its impressive lumen output and deep set frame with zero glare to the eyes.

The Muro Sensor Spotlight

Looking for an amazing flood light in your backyard? One that won’t break or fill with water? The Muro Sensor Spotlight is a flood light like no other.

One of the highest quality floods we’ve come across, while other brands of the same wattage burn up within a year, the Muro keeps going. It’s also one of the first of its kind to integrate the colour changing light switch functionality.

The Boomerang Chandelier

Looking for something a little fancier? Our best selling chandelier is this statement piece from Domus, featuring K9 crystals and a replaceable LED globe setting. While most chandeliers have built-in LEDS, with the Boomerang, replace the globes as many times as you like so it lasts forever.

Come see the majesty of the Boomerang chandelier in our lighting showroom in Matraville.

Domus Coach Lights

Made in Italy, these old world coach lights are painted in house at the Domus Factory in Kingsgrove. Beautifully delicate and intricate, these coach lights are high-quality designs, made to last in Australia’s harsh outdoor climate.


Mondo LED Ceiling Light

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for an incredible ceiling light that’s versatile yet high-quality, the Mondo LED ceiling light is one of our bestsellers. Trimmed with no edge and IP rated - the light’s structure means no dust, bugs, or dirt collects in the lights recesses. The light also features three white light colour variations to suit your preference and a higher lumen output. Durable, sturdy and unassuming - these are just some of the reasons our customers love Domus Lighting Mondo LED light.

Our thanks to Domus Lighting for the incredible lights they have provided us over the years. If you’d like to see more of the Domus Lighting range or understand their brand profile better, click over to their website

*Note: this article features the writer’s honest opinions of Domus Lighting. No affiliate links were included in this feature.  

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