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Driveway Lighting Ideas: Creative Ideas to Illuminate Your Driveway

Mitchell Elworthy

Is your driveway a bit bland and boring? Are you worried about both safety and security? Your home is your biggest asset, and you want to invest your money wisely when it comes to prioritizing home projects.

Design pros agree that lighting is a good investment when it comes to your indoor and outdoor spaces. There are so many great driveway lighting ideas and designs.

Driveway lights establish your home's perimeter and increase nighttime visibility for driving, parking, and walking. Lights are also great for adding unique character to your home's design. 

Why not add some style, flair, and curb appeal as well as safety and security to your home with the addition of beautiful driveway lighting? If driveway lights interest you, take a look at these stylish and beautiful driveway lighting ideas. 

Driveway Uplights

Driveway uplights are as the name implies. They're set in the ground and shine upwards. Uplights work especially well in tandem with other features such as a fence, shrubs, or trees. 

Do you have beautiful trees lining your driveway? Place driveway uplights under each tree to illuminate the landscaping. 

Uplights come in a plethora of styles, sizes, and types. From solar-powered to LED, pick the lights that works best for your landscape.

Uplights also come in different colours. Do you want to light all your trees along the length of the driveway but that feels overbright?  Alternate some of the lights with different colours that aren't as bright as white lights. 

Driveway Post Lights

Do you have a traditional home with a large sweeping driveway? Consider driveway post lights. Classic post lights come in single, double, and even triple-head lamps

A driveway lined with post lights down the right hand side

They also come in different colours so you're sure to find something that matches your home and driveway. Choose from burgundy, green, black, white, and beige.

Double and triple-head post lights work best in large areas that need lots of light. Driveway post lights are the perfect option for a long driveway that needs 360-degree light. You can even get energy-efficient LED post lights which is a good option for reducing your energy costs. 

Driveway Pillar Lights

Do you have a beautiful fence along your driveway? Are you looking to add light while creating a specific look? Pillar lights are a good solution for lighting a fence-lined driveway and adding character at the same time. 

3 Driveway Pillar Lights on the entrance of a driveway

Shop pillar lights.

If you've got large fence posts with flat tops, consider pillar lights. Whether your home is classic Victorian or ultra-sleek and modern, there's a pillar light to complement the architecture. 

From classic lanterns to modern cubes, pillar lights add character and ambience while creating a safe, easy-to-see driveway space. 

Driveway Spike Lights

Are you in need of a smaller, simpler driveway lighting solution? Consider spike lights

A driveway spike light lighting up a tree

 Shop spike lights.

These easy-to-install lights are small but powerful, and they add a charming look to any driveway or walkway. You can use them along the driveway and then carry the theme up the walkway and even into the backyard. 

Spike lights come in so many different styles, colours, and sizes. There are brass, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel spike lights. You can also get energy-efficient solar-powered spike lights. 

Look for spike lights with an IP rating of 54-65. This means the lights resist dust and weather. When using outdoor lights under a patio or porch roof, a high IP rating isn't as important. 

If you're lining a driveway or outside walkway, use lights with at least a 54 IP rating. 

Driveway Bollard Lights

If you're looking for great driveway lighting ideas, bollard lights are another good option. They come in so many different styles and sizes. Bollards are another style of light that works well for both traditional and modern architecture. 

Driveway Bollar Lights lighting up both sides of a snow lined driveway

From short and round to tall and slim, bollards do a great job of defining the space and lighting it up. If you're using large bollards, be sure to space them several feet apart so you don't overdo the lighting. We'll even show you how to install them yourself here.

Remember to check with your utility company before digging to install lights. Be sure and read through all the safety tips in the article. 

A Word About Solar Lights

When it comes to lighting ideas for your driveway lights, there are lots of solar-powered options. There are a few good reasons for considering solar lights when available.

A Green Option

Solar not only reduces your energy bill but also helps the earth. Solar is a renewable energy source, so it doesn't rely on the fossil fuel industry. Opt for solar when available to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The Money-Saving, Hassle-Free Option

Are you lining an entire driveway? Solar is often the money-saving, hassle-free option. 

With solar, you don't have to worry about plugs, outlets, or cords. Solar lights use rechargeable batteries to power the lights.

When the sun is up, your lights are charging! The batteries last up to seven years. 

A Reliable Option

As long as solar lights get enough sun, they're a reliable option. If the electricity goes out in a big storm, the lights remain on so you can safely get into your driveway. You don't have to worry about power surges or brownouts either. 

Time to Light Your Driveway With One of These Driveway Lighting Ideas

Are you ready to bring style, curb appeal, and safety to your driveway and outdoor walkways? From uplights to spike lights, there are so many creative driveway lighting ideas. Bring safety, security, and beauty to your outdoor space with the right lighting. 

Do you need help coming up with the right lighting solution for your driveway? Here at the Lighting Outlet, we've got the largest online selection of lights in Australia.

If you've got questions about lights, we've got answers! Contact us today. 

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉