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How do you choose the right LED Vanity Light?

Mitchell Elworthy


Choosing the right vanity light predominately comes down to one thing, aesthetic. Majority of vanity lights perform fairly well, providing an adequate amount of lighting for your bathroom vanity. As you would be able to tell when searching for your vanity light, most LED fittings come in a chrome colour, which can easily match most bathroom decors. However, if you’re after something a bit more bold and modern, the black vanity light finish can create that sleek style effortlessly.

An important factor when choosing bathroom lighting is the LED light colour temperature. The Lighting Outlet highly recommends choosing a cool white, 4000k, as it will look the most natural when reflecting from the mirror. We have had our customers reiterate how natural and bright their vanity light colour has been, especially important for those putting on makeup.

A guarantee to make your bathroom space stand out, would be, alternatively, choosing custom made LED strip lights and profile to fit perfectly on your vanity mirror. Here at The Lighting Outlet we specialise in LED Strip lighting so tell us to the millimeter of the measurement, and we will have it custom made to fit your mirror. The cost will generally work out the same as a vanity light, if not cheaper, so why not! Below are a couple of images of how you LED strip could look on your vanity light. It is also worth considering to run LED strip lighting underneath your vanity.

If you are interested in this look, shoot us an email to with the measurements and we will send back a quote.









Here are The Lighting Outlets top 5 LED bathroom vanity lights:

1. HV9691-1616 LED Profile As we mentioned in using the LED Strip Lighting, we highly suggest the corner profile as it has a 90 degree angle, allowing the light to illuminate towards you. This method is extremely practical, has great value and is very efficient in using less power. This fitting will last you 10 plus years when using good quality LED strip lighting.

See link below for more info on this product to use in your bathroom today.

LED Profile 90 Degree Corner Aluminium With Opal PC Diffuser IP20 Havit Lighting - HV9691-1616




2.The Errol By Brilliant Lighting The Errol vanity light is known for its exceeding practicality. This is due to the fittings adjustable arm, allowing our customers to angle the light however they wish, illuminating whatever is needed. Not only is it practical, but its sleek design and high quality chrome finish gives it a very modern and stylish look. It has a nice 4000k cool white temperature that will suit just about any bathroom nicely. This LED vanity light is also backed with a 3 year warranty, so you know this is a fitting you can trust and rely on.

See link below for more info on this product.Errol LED Vanity Light Chrome Brilliant Lighting - 18911/15, 18912/15

Errol LED Vanity Light Chrome Brilliant Lighting - 18911/15, 18912/15




3. The Lynx By Cougar Lighting The Lynx LED bathroom vanity light is one of a kind in its black finish, oozing quality and style. As we mentioned previously, thick, black, bold lines are definitely the trend at the moment within vanity lights. However, this fitting isn’t solely popular for its look, it is highly efficient in providing your lighting needs. With a lumen output of 2500, this 20w model is equivalent to an oyster light in a living room, providing that needed light in your bathroom.

To see more on this LED vanity light click on the link below for more info on this product.

Lynx LED Vanity Light Dimmable 12W/16W/20W 4000K Black Cougar Lighting




4. The Vanity Series By CLA The Vanity Series light has been one of The Lighting Outlet’s best seller for a long time. It once again ticks all the boxes with its popular cylindrical timeless design, paired with its practicality. This LED vanity light has an excellent brightness of 20w, outputting 1000 lumens. This bathroom vanity light comes in a stainless steel finish, with an acrylic soft diffuser. You can look to mix it up, adding the Vanity Series light down both sides of the mirror, as shown in the image below.

To see more on this bathroom vanity light click on the link below for more info on this product.

Vanity Series LED Interior Vanity Wall Lights Chrome Short/Long CLA Lighting






5. The Tabiano By Eglo Lighting The Tabiano vanity light has never failed to hold its popularity with our customers, due to its slick black european design. This LED vanity light comes in a natural 4000k and puts out nearly 1000 lumens. Its black, bold look is definitely on trend at the moment, perfect to complement any other matt black finishes you may have in your bathroom. This fitting is bound make your bathroom feel effortlessly sleek, and looking editorial ready.

To see more on this LED Vanity light click on the link below for more info on this product.

Tabiano Vanity Light 11W LED Matt Black Eglo Lighting - 202086

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