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How to Choose the Right Spike Light

Mitchell Elworthy

How do you choose the right spike light?

Spike lights are very underrated into what they can achieve in practical light output but also in ambience. The best way to give your garden a face lift is to use spike lights, this is because they are fairly cheap and that they are DIY low voltage. 

If you look at the image below and think how different it would like without the lighting, spike lights are perfect here because they are highlighting the main features. With any lighting you want to have just the right amount, not to much and not flooding the area, here the light has small pools and points away from the area to avoid glare. 

Spike Light Material

1. The material is the first choice to make for what LED spikes light you want as it will narrow down most choices, for outdoor 12v spike lights come in many finishes, and choosing the right one for your location is important.

304 stainless spike lights

304 stainless spike lights are a good option for areas that are outside of 15km of salt water, or not too close to salt water pools. The colour of the stainless spike light is bound to suit any environment, maintaining its high quality due to its durable finish.

316 stainless steel LED spike lights

316 stainless steel LED spike lights are a great overall investment, as they will last the distance no matter the condition. This is due to its high quality steel casing, made to handle heavy marine environments. However, you will still require to use a Rejuvenating Maintenance Kit - HV9971 every 6 months or so, as it will keep your fitting looking brand new, providing those 20+ years of use.

Aluminium garden spike lights

Aluminium garden spike lights are in the middle of the two stainless grades, typically holding a life-span of 3 - 8 years. Aluminium is the most common material used, available in a range of colours of either gloss, or matt spike lights. If you are choosing aluminium we highly recommend choosing the black fitting, for you will not see the fitting weather or look old due to its matt black casing. Its matt black colour is guaranteed to go with any lighting garden layout. If you’re wanting to pay less for aluminium spikes, be sure to go for the matt black option as you’ll be able to get a few extras years out of them.

Brass & copper spike lights

Brass and copper lights are known for their longevity as they will not corrode, but instead will change it’s colouring over the years from a darker brass or copper, to eventually green. The natural feeling of copper lights, with warm white globes will be certain to give great mood lighting to your backyard.

2. Colour temperature for a garden is crucial, The Lighting Outlet always recommends a warm white between 2500k - 3000k to create a soft, warm and ambient mood lighting system.

3. Wattage for garden lighting is important so that you can achieve the right level of brightness for the lighting application. Creating a small pool of light with lower wattage gives a greater ambient mood, due to its low LED lighting. However, having a higher wattage for outdoor garden lights can be an overkill, as it can mimic a floodlight in illuminating a whole area, ultimately losing the purpose of atmospheric lighting. We recommend you choose around 5 watts (250 lumens) and space the fittings every 1.5 meters.

4. Beam angle is important in different ways, for if you wish to light up a statue or tree with your spike light, you would need to have a narrow beam angle of anything between 20 - 60 degrees. However, if you’re wanting to achieve relaxed mood lighting, choosing an outdoor light with a 60 + degree beam angle is needed, for higher the beam angle, the better.

5. IP rating is a very important factor to consider for spike lights. You should always look to purchase an IP of minium IP54, or better yet IP65. Anything with a lower IP rating should have a covering over the light, so that it is not fully exposed to the open and harm of rain or dust. Conditions a fitting with an IP rating of 54-65 would resist.

The Lighting Outlets Top 5 Spikes Lights:

1.  HV1421 - The aluminium matt black LED spike light by Havit Lighting has a beautiful timeless design, and is our all time favourite spike. This fitting has a nice, wide beam angle of 120 degrees due to the globe sitting closer to the front of the fitting, typically referred to as a ‘short cap’. Complemented with a free 5w LED globe, you have the choice of either a soft warm white, or bright cool white, which is replaceable. Unlike your regular spike light, it is double the length, providing great height to your lighting design. Not only does the HV1421 swivel at 270°, but it has an IP rating of IP65, meaning no dust or water will be able to penetrate this fitting. The high quality, matt black paint finish has lasted our customers in the East of Sydney over 8 years and am sure many more to come. You can purchase this spike light on sale today on the link below.

Garden Spike Spotlights Adjustable 476mm Black Havit Lighting HV1421C, HV1421W

2. HV1402 - This 316 marine grade stainless steel spike light from Havit Lighting, is The Lighting Outlet’s single best-selling spike, due to their highly attractive low price. Regardless of its industrial appearance, the HV1402 will resist any harsh weather conditions, lasting the years you need it to. Again included with a complimentary LED globe in your choice of either warm white, 3000k, or cool white, 5500k. This LED spike light is to be sure to tick all the boxes in your lighting needs. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Click link below to view the Havit HV1402w spike light on sale.

LED Garden Spike Light Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Adjustable 12V - HV1402

3. Azoogi GL001 - The Azoogi LED spike light is a top selling product for The Lighting Outlet. It is predominantly favoured by electricians and landscapers due to its robust inbuilt body, and high IP67 rating. Protected from heavy influxes of water and dust, this fitting is incomparable when it comes to longevity. This light has a wattage of 7w, outputting an efficient 500 lumens, great for those chasing extra brightness. A stand out feature is the 5 year warranty placed the GL001, knowing you have the trust and confidence from the supplier you can expect nothing less than durability and quality. The only downfall we can suggest with this fitting is that the globe is unfortunately irreplaceable. However, because the globe is not interchangeable you do receive the perk of extra brightness, due to the better inbuilt heat sinks. To view more or buy this product click the link below.

LED Garden Spike Light 12V AC/DC IP67 in 7W/12W or 2700K/6000K - GL001~GL004

4.  HV1413W - The solid LED, copper spike light by Havit Lighting is one of The Lighting Outlet’s most durable and sturdy fittings. Its thick, high quality, copper casing cannot go by without notice. It is a heavy-duty fitting that is simply built to last, and with its natural copper look, it is bound to suit any garden lighting system perfectly. When buying Havit products you know without a doubt you are buying a high quality light. From the silky box design its packaged in, all the way to the service provided after the product is installed. To view more or buy HV1413C product click the link below.

Garden Spike Spotlights Adjustable 300mm Copper Havit Lighting - HV1413C, HV1413W

5. Terra 25030 - The LED spike light by Domus Lighting rounds off the list as a great overall value spike light. Ranging in different colours of black, silver, available in warm white and a daylight. This spike has an integrated 6w LED chip, which will last a whopping 40,000 hours, sure to go the distance. The Tera spike light has a high IP Rating of 65, a quality, long-lasting paint finish, and is backed with a 3 year warranty. To view more or buy the Tera Garden Spike Light product, click the link below.

Terra LED Garden Spikelight IP65 12V DC 6W Domus Lighting - 25030, 25031, 25032, 25033

LED spike lights are underrated and underused. What you can achieve with the right garden spike lighting can be magic in transforming an undesirable area into a space people will be drawn back to.

Anybody can work with a 12v spike light system, read our blog linked below to learn how.


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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

TLO Frenzy Sale!

Use Code: FRENZY24
Unlock big savings with every purchase!

*Some brands excluded