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Keep warm this winter!

Melissa C

Stay Snug!

Outdoor heater 

Don’t let the winter chills stop the classic outdoor barbie with an outdoor heater! Linear outdoor heaters are a brilliant modern way to stay warm during winter, kick back, and relax outside with the fam. The Heatwave Pro is a contemporary, streamlined outdoor heater. Visually, the product has minimal presence. However, it’s powerful infrared heater keeps the area warm and creates an inviting atmosphere, making this outdoor heater one of a kind!  The application is ceiling or wall mounted, so don’t worry about water getting trapped inside because this great product is extremely resistant at IP65 on the ingress protection chart. Just to make it a little bit more convenient, this outdoor heater is remote, adaptable and with a 13 hour timer and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Set the mood!



Like most of us, here at The Lighting Outlet, we love moody festoon lights while we sit around a warm fire on the weekends and catching up with family and friends! If you're looking for an effortless renovation to improve your outdoor area, look no further! Festoon lighting is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Hang the cord, 2. Screw in the globes and 3. Plug it in! Then bask in the glory of all your hard work using festoons to create a beautiful warm outdoor atmosphere. Our festoon lights come in 10m and 20m lengths with multiple decorative globes available for you to choose from! 




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It’s getting hot and steamy!

Fan, Heat & Light!


There is nothing worse than getting out of a shower during winter and feeling cold! Luckily for you, our Andromeda 3-in-1 exhaust fan with its sleek modern design radiates heat, with coils that don't burn out like traditional heat lamps. It also has a powerful exhaust and fantastic light, emitting 1000lms - perfect for when it’s time to shave the stubble or do your glamorous makeup! This fantastic exhaust fan is designed to suit a small-to-medium bathroom and comes with a 3-year warranty. 


Click here to have a look at the Andromeda 3-in-1!

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