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Best Kid’s Bedroom Lights

Fiona Mellink

Lighting can make a world of difference to a kid’s bedroom or nursery. Studies have shown that lighting can not only create a fun and friendly space but it can also improve sleeping patterns. Children are more sensitive to light than adults, so it’s worth planning their lighting carefully. We’ve put together our top lighting choices for the younger generation however if you’d like some specific advice, reach out to our team who will be happy to assist with product queries or even designing the perfect childhood room.


Many children, both younger and older, don’t like the dark. However, leaving bright lights on doesn’t help them to get off to sleep and waking up to harsh lights is also something we’re all keen to avoid. If your child or children like to sleep with the light on, it’s important to find gentle lighting and/or consider a timer that will turn off once they’re safely asleep.

Top picks for stay-on night lights for children:

  Amya LED Night Light in White-Table Lamp-Mercator Lighting-SKU:MNL001 - The Lighting Outlet

Amya Led Night Light

Dianna Moon Table Lamp in White

Dianna Moon Table Lamp

Winnie Table Lamp Small 1Lt in White-Table Lamp-Mercator Lighting-SKU:MTBL001-S - The Lighting Outlet

Winne Table Lamp


Nursery lights

Soft, cosy lighting is a must for the nursery however sensory lights are a great addition to encourage your youngster's early development. These lights serve different purposes, but are each in their own right a great addition to a nursery.

Barney LED Night Light in White

Barney LED Night Light

LED Smart GLS Globes 10w Dimmable Tri-CCT+RGB

Dimmable Smart Globe

Medium Shadow Indoor LED Wall Light in White

Shadow Indoor Wall Light

    Fun/ colourful lights
    Creating a space they love is worth the investment. We spend roughly 1/3 of our time in our bedrooms, and for children, it’s even more. These lights are all about ambience. In addition to the below, LED strip lights have become increasingly popular for kids bedrooms.

    LED RGBW Round Frame Wall Light 24w With Remote-Indoor Wall Light-The Lighting Outlet-SKU:PL-Wall-Round1-RGB - The Lighting Outlet

    Round Wall Light With Remote

    Javarone Table Lamp in Chrome or Copper-Table Lamp-Lexi Lighting-SKU:LL-27-0077CH - The Lighting Outlet

    Javarone Table Lamp In Chrome Or Copper

    Smart WiFi Music LED Strip Light 2m, 5m, 10m RGB/3000k

    Smart Wifi Music Led Strip

    For teenagers and older kids

    When they get a little order, cute and fun won’t necessarily make the grade anymore. These bedside lamps add a touch of warmth and colour to their room, but can’t be accused of being childish. They’re ever practical as well as being robust for any knocks.

    Elliot Table Lamp In Navy or White-Table Lamp-Mercator Lighting-SKU:A46111NVY - The Lighting Outlet

    Elliot Table Lamp

    FOKUS Interior Touch On/Off Table Lamp in White/Black/Copper/Silver-Table Lamp-CLA Lighting-SKU:FOKUS01 - The Lighting Outlet

    Fokus Series Interior Touch Lamp

    Clara Touch Table Lamp 1Lt in Black/Mint/Pink/White-Table Lamp-Lexi Lighting-SKU:LL-27-0087B - The Lighting Outlet

    Clara Touch Table Lamp


    Kids study lamps

    Getting kids to do their homework can be tricky, but having a functional, enticing space can help and good lighting is part of this process. Our kid's study lamps are stylish yet practical, designed for their desk. As they grow and want something a little more mature, these are the perfect fit.

    Table Lamp LED Touch Control 3-Step Dimmable 6.5W 6500K White CLA Lighting - PL-MOOD-Table Lamp-CLA Lighting-SKU:MOOD - The Lighting Outlet

    MOOD LED Touch Table Lamp

    Pastel Table Lamp Available in 7 Different Colours-Table Lamp-CLA Lighting-SKU:PASTEL15TL - The Lighting Outlet

    Pastel Table Lamp (7 Colours)

    Lucy Table Lamp 1Lt in Pink, Navy, White or Black-Table Lamp-Mercator Lighting-SKU:A38111PNK - The Lighting Outlet

    Lucy Table Lamp 


    Fairy lights

    If you’re still looking for something a little extra to add character to a space, fairy lights are also worth considering. This is generally better for older children and should be hung carefully, but they’re a great way to add ambience without the finality of having to fit new fixtures and can be easily moved around and re-styled.

    Berry Mini LED Fairy Light X300 Multi Colour 6000mm

    Multi-Colour Berry Mini Fairy Light

    Golden Warm White LED Fairy Lights X1200 24000mm Black

    Golden Warm White Fairy Lights

    Berry Mini LED Fairy Light X700 Warm White 14000mm in Black

    Berry Mini Warm White Fairy Lights

    Other things to consider:

    • Main/ ceiling lights - while in the summer you’ll be battling for the best blackout curtains and have an abundance of natural light, in the winter you’ll need a helping hand. Dimmable lights are a great way to slowly ease them into bed, or wake them gently for a big day at school. If you don’t have aircon and live in a hotter region, it may be worth considering a combination light and fan too.
    • Changes in taste - it’s worth considering how your child's preference will likely change over time and choosing flexible fittings that you can update as they grow. It’s easier and more cost-efficient to opt for timeless ceiling lights and update their bedside and wall lights.
    • Get them involved! Bedroom lighting is an opportunity for children to show their personalities and create a space they love. If they’re interested in it, they will feel more inclined to take care of it too.

    For more help with kids bedroom lighting, reach out to our team who can help with product and design queries, and provide suggestions for your space. Alternatively, you can view more of our kids lamps & lighting online.


    Current Discount Terms and Conditions

    Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉

    Current Discount Terms and Conditions

    Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉