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Our Best Garden Lights to Spice Up Your Garden This Summer

Patrick MA

Australian homeowners are known for their love of the outdoors. However, the average Australian backyard is drastically  shrinking in size, which many people say that this is the death of a homeowner's greatest dream.

However, we're here to tell you that it's not! All that this change means is that we need to adapt and overcome simple challenges to make the most of our outdoor spaces.

When doing this, a little lighting goes a long way. Having the best garden lights for your backyard and illuminating it in all the right places is a great way to not only make the most of your space, but also can make it look bigger. Read on to learn the best garden lighting options to make your outdoor dream come true!

Best Garden Spike Lights

The first type of lighting to consider falls into the category of spike lights . These are LED lamps that have a garden spike on the end of them so that they can securely settle into your garden's soil. Read on to learn the best options for garden lighting that directly illuminates your plants!

Best Matt Black Spike Light

1. Matt Black Aluminum LED Garden Spike

  • IP65
  • Replaceable LED 
  • High-grade powder coating for 5-8 years paint finish upheld

The first type of lighting to consider falls into the category of spike lights . Garden spike lights are very versatile, you can move them and point them to any desired direction to illuminate any features your garden has. These spike likes look fantastic right under a tree shining up through the branches and leaves. When using spikes lights the ambience will drastically improve any garden, most spike lights are 12v which means you can completely DIY your garden today!

This matt black garden spike light is one of our best sellers. The 5W LED bulb stands 238mm tall and comes with two posts. You have the option of combining these posts to raise the light 476mm high. Its high-quality structure also prevents water from getting into the lamp to ensure that it lasts 8 years or more.

Best stainless steel led garden spike light

2. 316 Stainless Steel LED Garden Spike Light

  • Marine-grade steel to hold up in salt environments 
  • Replaceable globe
  • Best seller

Another popular option and another best seller is this stainless steel garden spike , which features the same tri-colour LED 5W bulb. This light can be suspended 400mm above your garden and has a width of 63mm. This makes it perfect for any sized space where you want warm, cool white, or daylight white light .

The lamp itself is made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which ensures that it will last even in harsh weather conditions. Our professionals have never encountered a single customer who has had a negative experience with this product, so it's definitely a good place to begin.

best copper garden spike light

3. Solid Copper LED Garden Spike Light

  • Solid Copper
  • Adjustable
  • Will never corrode 

There is yet another material option for a garden spike light : solid copper. This 405mm light is adjustable and features the same 5W LED lighting that the other models we've discussed boast. However, if you want your garden to look rustic, this is definitely the right option because of its classically purposeful aged appearance. Copper is a great option to add character and warmth, the copper will oxidise throughout the years, always changing. The statue of liberty is a great example of copper oxidising to a beautiful greenish colour.

When it comes to the lighting itself, this has four temperatures of light to choose from. This means that his light is perfect for your garden no matter what temperature bulb you're looking for.

Best Garden Step Lights

Below you will see a couple of leading  garden step lights . These lights are exactly what they sound like, you can mount them onto the side of a tall and flat object so that they flood your yard with light. Let's take a look at some surface-mounted lighting options!

best garden step light

4. Matt Black Surface Mounted Garden Step Light

  • Timeless style
  • Tri-Colour LED 
  • Makes walkways safe for walking or stepping

If you want a  step light that will blend in well against stone, dark fencing, or the side of your home, this matt black garden step light is perfect for you. It has multiple colour temperature options for lighting including warm white, cool white, and daylight. All you need to do to access them is flip a tiny switch inside the light itself.

This is easily one of our best selling garden step lights. The lamp is 98x53mm, and it can be mounted at any height that you like. This lets you flood any area with pure LED light.

best stainless steel step light

5. 316 Stainless Steel Eyelid Step Light

  • Marine grade steel which lasts 20+
  • Tri-Colour LED 
  • 12v or 240v

The stainless steel eyelid step light is similar to the matt black one and another one of our best and most popular. It's a lustrous 316 stainless steel rather than sleek black. It also is a bit larger, with dimensions of 105x53.

Like its matt black counterpart, you can mount it at any height, so it's quite versatile. It also features three distinct types of LED lighting: warm light, cool light, and daylight .

best inground step light

6. 316 Stainless Steel In-Ground Step Light

  • 12v to suit any application
  • Havit Lighting brand, best outdoor lighting brand in Australia
  • Low glare with high ambience 

If you're looking for lighting that you can recess in the ground, you'll love our best in-ground garden step light. Made from stainless steel underneath flush tempered glass, you can install this light at 90mm in the ground so long as there is a way to drain the area.

With a 53mm face diameter, this stainless steel inground garden step light can go pretty much anywhere around your home exterior. It's tiny but powerful, emitting both cool white and warm white LED glows.

Best Garden Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are cylindrical pole lamps meant to  illuminate walkways in the middle of your yard. However, they're an aesthetically pleasing option for any area of your landscaping. Read on for some information about our most popular garden bollard lighting options!

best bollard

7. Highlite 5W Bollard Lights (Multiple Colour Options)

  • Bright & practical 
  • 4 different finishes including solid brass
  • Replaceable globe

If you want small bollard lights , you can get multiple options that stand at a height of 445mm. This is a decent height, but the diameter is only 63mm around most of the posts.

You can get these in any colour or material you think will best complement your scenery. Brass, black, and titanium are all options. You can choose whether you want warm or cool LED light to be emitted from these posts as well. Practical, versatile and easily one of top selling bollards lights

8. Matt Black Tri Colour LED Bollard

  • Tri Colour
  • Timeless style
  • Unobtrusive 

If you want a bollard light that's a bit fancier, the tri-coloured option is best for you. This light emits warm light, cool light, and daylight for an amalgamation of ways to illuminate your outdoor living space.

It also can be installed just about anywhere. Its height is only 190mm, making it much stouter than the unicolour lights that we previously discussed. Available in both 240v and 12v this fine looking, tri colour bollard light  is a leading choice with our customers.

Buy the Best Garden Lights Today

Now that you know the best garden lights to make your backyard into a homeowner's dream, it's time to get started!

Contact us with any lingering questions that you may have on any of our lighting options. Our experts are happy to point you in the direction of the perfect lights for your individual needs and to talk to you about the most common places that people like to install garden lighting . We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉