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9 Reasons You Need to Invest in Solar Lights

MItchell Elworthy

The Benefits of Using Solar Powered Lighting

Solar lighting is reaching a mainstream tipping point for good reason. This form of illumination is environmentally-friendly, affordable, mobile and effective. Opt for solar powered lighting and you will never go back to regular lights. Here's why.

The magic of solar lights

If you were to take a look at the rooftops of buildings in major cities, you would likely find a bevy of solar panels.
However, solar panels are also being used in residential yards and other spaces across the world. Solar lights convert the sun's energy into electricity.
This conversion process is dependent on a number of components ranging from charge converters to inverters, batteries, solar panels and cells. Every single one of these components plays an important role in the conversion process.
The charge controller is necessary to prevent the battery from overcharging or discharging. Solar energy is generated in DC form so it must be converted to AC for use. Such a conversion cannot take place without the inverter. The battery contains anodes and cathodes that allow for the necessary chemical reaction to occur. The battery is protected with a plastic or metal case to ensure physical contact does not compromise its functionality.

What are solar panels made of?

Solar panels out in a field

Solar panels are comprised of crystals made of covalent bonds between the electrons within the outer shell of the silicon atom.

How do solar lights work?

The solar cell, also referred to as the photovoltaic, converts the sun's light into the electrical current required for illumination.The solar cell has multiple crystalline silicone layers and chemicals.
These are the elements necessary to create several layers of spaces with positive charges and electrons with a negative charge.
The sun moves into the solar cell, stimulating the negatively charged electrons, pushing them to the spaces with a positive charge.
The spaces with the positive charges transfer the electron stream in the form of electricity. The solar cell's wires send the current to the battery. The battery stores this electricity across the entirety of the day.
Sunlight is no longer converted to energy during the evening hours after the sun has set. In this time, the photoreceptor within the solar light identifies the darkness, triggering the light to turn on. The battery then supplies the necessary electricity for nighttime illumination.
Let's take a quick look at the merits of solar lighting.

9 Reasons you need to invest in Solar Lights today

1. A Renewable Source of Light

Image result for solar plant

Solar power is a renewable form of light and energy. There is no reason to worry about running out of light as the sun will always rise. Install solar lights at your home or business and you can rest easy knowing you will always have a well-lit property. This unlimited source of energy will not be depleted. The same cannot be said of electricity and other finite resources. Once your solar-powered lights are installed, you will rest easy, knowing in full confidence your home or workplace will be sufficiently illuminated no matter what happens to the environment.

2. Mobility

Think back to all those times you had to run a cord to your lights in order to make them work. There is no need to run any such cords when you make the transition to solar-powered lighting. You will be provided with a steady source of power without pesky cords in the way that pose a tripping hazard. It does not get any easier than that.
Furthermore, you can pick up your solar lights and position them wherever you desire. This way, if part of your property does not receive an abundance of sunlight, you will be able to reposition the solar-powered lights to soak up the sun. These newly-charged lights will have enough power to illuminate your living space for as long as desired. In fact, you can even pick up small solar-powered lights, put them in your vehicle after a day of absorbing sunlight and bring these mobile lights with you on-the-go to any destination you have in mind.
Simply stick the solar light back in the ground or elsewhere and you will have ample illumination.
In fact, you can even hold your solar light in-hand as you go for a late night walk with the dog, friends, family or others.

3. Solar Lighting is as Green as It Gets

Image result for green energy light bulb

Wouldn't it be nice to reduce your energy bill while doing your part to save the planet? Make the shift to solar-powered lighting and you will minimize your carbon footprint as these lights are completely powered by the sun. There is no sense using non-renewable energy sources that are finite and costly when you can harness the power of the sun to illuminate your living or working space.

4. Solar Lighting Saves You MoneyImage result for savings and financial literacy drives and advocacies

Though it costs a bit of money to buy solar lights or install solar panels, this initial investment pays for itself across posterity. Add solar lights to your property and you will no longer have to pay the cost of electricity necessary to keep your living or working space well-lit. The sun will power your solar lights free of charge. All you have to do is pay the initial cost of the solar lights and you will enjoy no-cost lighting from that point onward. Furthermore, there is no need to buy new cords, plugs or outlets.
Solar lights operate with the use of rechargeable batteries. The batteries recharge as soon as the sunlight hits the solar panels. So don't worry about paying for the installation of outdoor outlets or connecting cords to hook up conventional lights. Solar lights are a one-time cost that will end up saving you a bundle of money as time progresses.

5. There is no Need for Maintenance

Solar lighting systems are just about maintenance-free. When properly installed, your solar lights will require little-to-no maintenance but for changing the batteries every 5-7 years. Take a look at the solar light components when changing the batteries. If you notice any of the components are dirty, clean them as necessary. However, there is a good chance your solar lights will prove maintenance-free for as long as you own them.

6. Solar-powered Lights are Safe

Solar-powered lights do not have any sort of external wiring to worry about. Aside from reducing the annoyance of cords and wires, solar lights are also worthy of praise as they are comparably safe. There is no chance of a child, dog or visitor being electrocuted, becoming strangled or tripping on these cordless lights. The same cannot be said of traditional lights that require cords and wires. The icing on the cake is the fact that solar lights pose no threat of overheating. You can place these 100% safe lights anywhere you desire without worry of any sort.

7. Solar Lighting is Becoming More Diverse

A boat docked on water in front of portable solar lights on the dock

Nowadays, there are many different types of solar lights on the market. Whether you are looking for solar lights of a specific size or style, you will be able to find them. Whether you are looking to illuminate a walkway in your front yard or a particularly large portion of your backyard, you will find plenty of solar light options. If your aim is to make your deck more of an intimate and cozy space, a couple of diminutive solar lights placed in a strategic manner will get the job done. Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular with a lot of councils and other commercial applications. 

8. Solar Lights Keep the Burglars Away 

A burglar standing in front of a house lit up by solar security lights

Burglars and other unwanted guests cannot unplug or cut the cord of a solar sensor lights, as this technology is cordless. Position solar lighting around the exterior of your property and you will dramatically improve its visibility as well as its safety throughout the nighttime hours. Would-be burglars will be less inclined to attempt to break into your home if there is an abundance of lighting. Furthermore, solar lights will help you see the entirety of your property through your window even if it is pitch black outside.

9. Reliable Illumination

Think back to all those times you had to resort to flashlights or candles to see in your home or office when the power went out. If the grid fails or the power cuts out for any reason, you will still be able to see clearly thanks to your solar lights. In this way, solar lights are vastly superior to traditional lights. Take the solar route and you really will be truly autonomous. Why bother being reliant upon society as a whole to ensure the power stays on when you can tap into the illumination provided by solar lights? It is better to be dependent on a power source that never fails: the sun. So don't worry about the initial cost of solar lights. The many benefits of this incredible technology will outweigh the temporary financial setback required to add this type of lighting to your property. Take the solar route and you will be guaranteed illumination 100% of the time, regardless of whether there is a power outage, a power surge in your home or anything else that threatens the functionality of traditional lighting.

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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

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*Excluding brands:
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