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The Best LED Dimmers To Buy

Abbie Walsh

There are many different dimmers on the market so how do you know which one to choose?

There a few things to look at before simply buying any dimmer.

Manufacturer - If you stick with the same brand dimmer as the brand light, you are sure to know it has been tested on this product and will be compatible.

Quality - Always buy quality dimmers from established brands. Do not buy from cheap online sellers or unknown brands.

Style - There are two types of LED dimmers that are used. These include the traditional rotary style dimmer, which will work well for your space, dimming nicely. However, the latest style is becoming known for its sleeker design and greater efficiency. The LED push button dimmer is #1 on the market and will not fail to disappoint.

Dimmers Recommended By The Lighting Outlet Staff

When a customer asks for an LED dimmer , our staff always recommend the three following dimmers. These dimmers are our go-to for not only their wide compatibility range, but also their ability to dim below 10% on nearly every LED light we have tested on.

1.  MMDM/DGPB by Diginet - The best dimmer by far due to it compatibility with every LED light and its slimline look which acts as a on and off switch by pushing the button, to dim the LED light simply push and hold down until you get the brightness you’re after. This LED dimmer also has a small blue light around the button so that you can see the light button when dark. This dimmer has loads more programmable functions such as a kids bedroom mode which when you double tap the button the LED lights will slowly fade down over 30 minutes. This dimmer is the best on the market, is compatible with our LED downlights , our LED strip lights and more. You will be fully satisfied with the investment so spend that little bit extra for the best of best for dimming all your lighting products. 

2. CLDM350TS by Dexton - This dimmer is very similar to the first LED dimmer mentioned but is much cheaper and doesn't have all the functions but for the simple on and off and dimming function it works just as good. The best feature is that it super slimline and has a little blue light in the corner. Put this LED dimmer with a slimline gang plate and you will fall in love with your switches just like all of our customers who have purchased this LED dimmer. 

3.  MEDM by Diginet - This dimmer is the very similar as the first dimmer we ran through but is just the traditional rotary dimmer with all the same features and programmable settings. This was the first dimmer that gave The Lighting Outlet confidence again to sell dimmers for LED products as the early stages had continual problems, our electricians swear by this product and will not muck around with anything else as it gets the job done headaches free.

It was only 2 years ago where we gave up on selling LED dimmers because we would constantly get issues and headaches from customers bringing them back saying they were flickering or not working correctly. We would sell a dimmer and downlight online then get fierce complaints from customers thinking we sold them a dodgy product but in fact it was just that the technology wasn’t there and the 2 components need to work together perfectly. Over the past year or so they have now come along way and we now have confidence back to selling LED dimmers and get very few compatibility issues.


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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉