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Everything You Need To Know About Chandeliers

Amy C

Chandeliers are known for their elegance and sophistication, they can enhance a space to become a show piece. There are loads of different types of chandeliers such as styles, textures and sizes. People normally think to the olden times when it comes to chandeliers but now they are as popular as ever, there are now chandeliers to suit every space you can think of. The name chandelier is the Latin etymology which means Candela, this stands for candles. In the 15th century crystals were used to hold the candles rather than wood. As the years went on the design became more sophisticated and only the very top wealth across Europe could afford. In this blog we will help you work out which will suit your application best. 

Size Of The Room - The size of the room will determine which chandelier will suit best. When selecting the size you want to have it proportioned right, you don't want to have a large room with a tiny chandelier and visa versa. Large chandeliers will need big voids and normally want to be out of reach. 

ultra modern chandelier

Finish - With the finish of the chandelier you want to match or tie in to your textures. Do you want it to look modern with a polished chrome frame. Would you prefer a more traditional look with a rubbed bronze or brass.

How Many Lights - Here you will need to determine is the chandelier simply presentation of will it need provide a practical light output, if so then you will want to have several globes. All chandeliers typically come with E14 lampholders which is the small edison screw, these globes do not put out much light, this means you will need extra then normally. 

Globes - Nowadays you should always choose for your LED chandeliers as they are much better for the environment, save you 70% on your power bill and last 15 times longer. We still have customers who buy incandescent because they say the colour looks better which may have been true years ago but not so much today. 

Colour Temperature - If you are looking to keep the traditional chandeliers look, then choose a warm white 2700k. If you are looking for a modern chandeliers look then a cool white or daylight will work nicely, this will work well especially with the shine off the crystal chandeliers.  




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