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Vanity mirror with Built in LED lights

Melissa C


Move over hollywood mirrors! Here comes high quality built in LED mirrors and they are here to stay! All our lighted mirrors have been designed and created here in Australia by talented artisans. Our high quality built in LED vanity mirrors are suitable for all rooms and applications. They are waterproof and are stunning addition to decor, there presence creates a unique classy atmosphere, perfectly suiting an contemporary or modern styled home.

However, Beyond that there functionality is second to none. With LED lights that last for 70,000 hours, that can live up to 25 years, you don't need to have any concerns about changing light bulbs!

  High quality makeup mirror
vanity led mirror mirror light

So, why get this LED light makeup mirror?

The Design of the Mirrors allows for the perfect lighting, such high quality you might even get it confused with natural light. They are all a wall mounted mirror, potentially the perfect cosmetic mirror when selecting 4000k (cool white) makes the perfecting lighting for makeup due to 180 degree light projection.

How is a lighted mirror installed?

Honestly, it as easy if not easier than mounting a TV on a wall. There are two parts to the lighted mirror, the part that holds the mirror and the aluminium lightbox. Firstly, the lightbox is screwed to the wall. Then the Mirror locks into place over the top, using our double custom made twin split battens. simple and easy installation!

Can the lights in a mirror be replaced?

Yes, the LED lights are replaceable. Just like any light you should be able to replace it when the unfortunate happens luckily as mentioned earlier you will have a good 25 years before you need to worry about that!. To clarify though the lighted mirrors do use the highest quality LED lights hand picked by engineers and artisans.

Can I have a lighted mirror in any room?

Yes, choose to install the mirror on any wall in the home. For example in the Bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, entrance, hallway and even your bathroom!

How long does it take to receive my order?

Depending on current demand, the time until delivery ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Remember that our products are made in Australia, and carefully looked after when being built and sent.

How does a lighted mirror work?

Good question, the mirror is sandblasted from the back. Secondly, illuminate the frosted part of the mirror with light. As a result, there is no rough texture on the surface of the lighted mirror. Modern, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Sounds simple? However, achieving a beautiful even sandblasting strip and uniform distribution of light within a 20mm slim lightbox has taken years to perfect by outstanding artisans. For instance, luxury Hotels like the ‘Sofitel’ in Darling Harbour trust the quality of these lighted mirrors.

How is it powered?

The Lighted Bathroom mirror is powered with a 12-volt transformer. 

They plug straight into a power socket. The best position for the transformer, for example, is in the ceiling or inside the vanity unit.

Is a lighted mirror safe for the bathroom? 

All lighted illuminated mirrors are safe, especially for the bathroom. Powered by 12-volts and with an IP67 rating.To explain, the IP level is set by two numbers. The first one relates to the protection level against dust and the second against water. Therefore the higher the number, the higher the protection. If you would like a better understanding of "IP" Ratings have a look at the following blog.



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