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Floor Lamps

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Shop floor lamps online with The Lighting Outlet and instantly enhance your living space. Illuminate your space in style with a floor lamp, designed to brighten any space in your home. Our versatile range of floor and standing lamps offer the perfect balance of form and function, allowing you to create inviting, ambient atmospheres or provide ample, focused lighting for all your tasks. 
From chic modern designs to timeless classic pieces, our floor lamps cater to every taste and décor, ensuring that you'll find the ideal lamp to elevate your living space. Explore our diverse selection today, and let the warm glow of our floor lamps create a comfortable space for you and your loved ones in your Aussie home.

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Floor Lamps


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Shop Our Floor Lighting Range

Upgrade your home space from good to great with a stylish floor lamp. These fixtures are equally decorative and functional, illuminating any space and enhancing any atmosphere.

Every household or office space has a unique vibe and aesthetic, making the perfect floor light necessary to complement its style. At the Lighting Outlet, you are sure to find your ideal floor lamp to illuminate your home or office. We have the largest selection of floor lamps in Australia!

How to Choose Your Next Floor Lamp

To find the perfect standing lamp for your home, first, consider the purpose of your floor lamp. Is it for decorative or task lighting? This will help you pick the right style and functionality for your needs. Ensure the lamp complements your existing interior décor, including colour and other.

Floor Lamp Styles

Floor lamps come in various styles, such Tripod, Arc, Industrial and many more. Many come with adjustable heads and the ability to choose different styles and colours of floor lamp shades. Industrial-themed homes can opt for lamps with cage lights and metallic elements, while nature-inspired interiors may prefer wood stands and rattan shades. Black floor lamps provide drama and contrast in any setting.

Floor Lamp Height

Don't forget to consider the height of your floor lamp. Again, take into consideration the purpose of the lamp –  For task lighting, such as reading, the lamp should be tall enough to provide focused light on your activity area without causing glare or casting shadows. Generally, a height of 130 to 160 centimetres is recommended for this purpose but it really does depend on the style of lamp you are choosing and the space it is going in.

Additionally, consider the ceiling height and furniture proportions within your space. A floor lamp should complement the room's scale and not appear too short or tall in relation to the surrounding furnishings. A good rule of thumb is to choose a lamp with a height that is roughly two-thirds the height of your ceiling, ensuring a harmonious visual balance.

LED Floor Lamp

Opting for a LED floor lamp offers numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance compared to traditional lighting options. The good news is that almost any floor/standing lamp can be transformed into an LED lamp by simply choosing a compatible LED globe. By selecting an LED floor lamp or converting your existing one, you'll enjoy a sustainable, cost-effective, and stylish lighting solution for your space.

Note: If you're choosing a dimmable floor lamp, take extra care when selecting a LED globe. LED globes generally have a lower wattage, which can affect the dimming capabilities. Ensure that the LED globe you choose is compatible with the lamp to ensure the dimming functionality works as expected.

Huge Floor Lamp Range in Australia

The Lighting Outlet has the largest selection of floor lamps in Sydney and ships Australia wide. Browse our floor lighting range to find the best floor lamp that matches your home or office decor. Discover some of the following floor lamps in our collection:;

  • Tripod Floor Lamp: A trendy standing lamp suited to modern homes.
  • Arc Floor Lamp: A stylish lamp with an arced base to directly light a couch or desk.
  • Industrial Floor Lamp: A vintage-style floor lamp with a refined finish.
  • Modern Floor Lamp: A contemporary fixture that provides ambient lighting.
  • Mother & Child Floor Lamp: Practical lamp that lets you use the arms to point in your desired direction.
  • LED Floor Lamp: A bright lamp that enhances any room’s mood and tone.
  • Timber Floor Lamp: A popular floor lamp style that suits many applications.
  • Floor Reading Lamp: Perfect for getting your head stuck in a good book.
  • Black, Gold And Much More!

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We deliver Australia wide including all the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. If you require any assistance please contact our friendly support staff

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