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LED Drivers

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Shop our huge range of LED drivers from trusted Australian and international brands. We stock 24V and 12V LED drivers, dimmable and waterproof drivers for indoor and outdoor use.

Our strip drivers, also known as constant current LED drivers or LED power supplies, can be purchased individually, as part of a kit, or our qualified team can create a custom LED strip with accessories for you. Find out more and shop online today.


LED Drivers


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LED Drivers & Power Supplies

Drivers are like transformers, changing the voltage of the power supply such that it meets the requirements of your lights or other electric applications.

The only, and key, difference is that LED drivers are direct current (DC) and transformers are alternating (AC), so you can't use an AC transformer on a DC product and vice-versa. LED strips are almost always DC and will either be 12v or 24v. Make sure you check the voltage of your strip before buying your driver to ensure that it is compatible.

What wattage does my LED driver need?

To work out which driver you will need, work out the total wattage of the strip you are running. To do this:

Total wattage = Number of strips X length of strips X watts per metre* *The watts per metre can be found on the specifications of your LED strips.

Example = 3 strips of 3 meters @ 14.4w per meter = 129.6 watts

In this example, a minimum driver of 150 watts will be required. It is always recommend to have a driver with a 10% larger wattage than your calculation. This is so that if you are needing to add anything extra later on you will have room to do so. Most drivers also do not hold the exact wattage stated, with numbers typically rounded up.

Can you replace LED drivers?

In most instances, particularly when the original driver was bough separately, you will be able to replace an LED power supply that is no longer working. Check the model number of your existing driver to find suitable replacements, and double check the replacement driver against your LED strips too.

Need help?

Need a hand deciding or want to know which drivers are compatible with your LED strips? Drop our team a call or email and they’ll point you in the right direction.

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