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Aqualux Lighting

Phoenix LED Spike Spotlight Adjustable 3W 300lm IP65 Aqualux Lighting - AQL-503-X03

Aqualux Lighting

Phoenix LED Spike Spotlight Adjustable 3W 300lm IP65 Aqualux Lighting - AQL-503-X03

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Product Title: Phoenix LED Spike Spotlight Adjustable 3W 300lm IP65 Aqualux Lighting - AQL-503-X03

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Vendor: Aqualux Lighting

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Product Description

The AQL-503 is one of the most durable and popular fittings available. Cast brass with 4 finish options and with the possibility of drop in MR16 LED globes or integrated CREE LEDs there is a version to suit any design or budget.


  • Product Code: AQL-503 
  • Family: Phoenix
  • Function: Spike Uplight
  • Construction Material: Solid Cast Brass
  • Lumens: 300lm
  • Lamp Options: X03 LED Output Option
  • Voltage Options: 12 - 24V AC/DC MultiSource Driver 12V SELV (Halogen or LED Drop-in) 
  • Lamp Source Options: MR16 GX5.3 - Cable: 900mm Aqualux 2-Core Silicone / PTFE Cable
  • Warranty: 3 Year Construction,3 Year Electrical
  • IP Rating: IP65 
 Order Code Colour LED Colour Optical Option
AQL-503-AB-X03WN Antique Bronze Warm White 3000K Narrow (10)
AQL-503-AB-X03WM Antique Bronze Warm White 3000K Medium (25)
AQL-503-AB-X03WW Antique Bronze Warm White 3000K Wide (40)
AQL-503-AB-X03CN Antique Bronze Cool White (5500-6000K) Narrow (10)
AQL-503-AB-X03CM Antique Bronze Cool White (5500-6000K) Medium (25)
AQL-503-AB-X03CW Antique Bronze Cool White (5500-6000K) Wide (40)
AQL-503-AB-X03RN Antique Bronze Red Narrow (10)
AQL-503-AB-X03RM Antique Bronze Red Medium (25)
AQL-503-AB-X03RW Antique Bronze Red Wide (40)
AQL-503-AB-X03GN Antique Bronze Green Narrow (10)
AQL-503-AB-X03GM Antique Bronze Green Medium (25)
AQL-503-AB-X03GW Antique Bronze Green Wide (40)
Antique Bronze Blue Narrow (10)
AQL-503-AB-X03BM Antique Bronze Blue Medium (25)
AQL-503-AB-X03BW Antique Bronze Blue Wide (40)
AQL-503-AB-X03AN Antique Bronze Amber Narrow (10)
Antique Bronze Amber Medium (25)
Antique Bronze Amber Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03WN Matt Black Warm White 3000K Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BK-X03WM Matt Black Warm White 3000K Medium (25)
AQL-503-BK-X03WW Matt Black Warm White 3000K Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03CN Matt Black Cool White (5500-6000K) Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BK-X03CM Matt Black Cool White (5500-6000K) Medium (25)
AQL-503-BK-X03CW Matt Black Cool White (5500-6000K) Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03RN Matt Black Red Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BK-X03RM Matt Black Red Medium(25)
AQL-503-BK-X03RW Matt Black Red Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03GN Matt Black Green Narrow (10)
Matt Black Green Medium (25)
AQL-503-BK-X03GW Matt Black Green Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03BN Matt Black Blue Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BK-X03BM Matt Black Blue Medium (25)
AQL-503-BK-X03BW Matt Black Blue Wide (40)
AQL-503-BK-X03AN Matt Black Amber Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BK-X03AM Matt Black Amber Medium (25)
Matt Black Amber Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03WN Natural Brass Warm White 3000K Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03WM Natural Brass Warm White 3000K Medium (25)
AQL-503-BR-X03WW Natural Brass Warm White 3000K Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03CN Natural Brass Cool White (5500-6000K) Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03CM Natural Brass Cool White (5500-6000K) Medium (25)
AQL-503-BR-X03CW Natural Brass Cool White (5500-6000K) Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03RN Natural Brass Red Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03RM Natural Brass Red Medium (25)
AQL-503-BR-X03RW Natural Brass Red Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03GN Natural Brass Green Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03GM Natural Brass Green Medium (25)
AQL-503-BR-X03GW Natural Brass Green Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03BN Natural Brass Blue Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03BM Natural Brass Blue Medium (25)
AQL-503-BR-X03BW Natural Brass Blue Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03AN Natural Brass Amber Narrow (10)
AQL-503-BR-X03AM Natural Brass Amber Wide (40)
AQL-503-BR-X03AW Natural Brass Amber Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03WN Nickel Plate Warm White 3000K Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03WM Nickel Plate Warm White 3000K Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03WW Nickel Plate Warm White 3000K Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03CN Nickel Plate Cool White (5500-6000K) Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03CM Nickel Plate Cool White (5500-6000K) Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03CW Nickel Plate Cool White (5500-6000K) Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03RN Nickel Plate Red Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03RM Nickel Plate Red Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03RW Nickel Plate Red Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03GN Nickel Plate Green Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03GM Nickel Plate Green Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03GW Nickel Plate Green Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03BN Nickel Plate Blue Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03BM Nickel Plate Blue Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03BW Nickel Plate Blue Wide (40)
AQL-503-NP-X03AN Nickel Plate Amber Narrow (10)
AQL-503-NP-X03AM Nickel Plate Amber Medium (25)
AQL-503-NP-X03AW Nickel Plate Amber Wide (40)

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