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Art Lighting 101: Tips and Best Products for Displaying Your Collection

Mitchell Elworthy June 23, 2023 at 6:22 am

Art is one of the most beautiful and captivating forms of expression, and it should be shown to its maximum. Lighting is crucial to how your artwork is seen. Lighting affects how your artwork is seen and its lifespan. To showcase your art, use the correct lighting. Lighting artwork requires a high CRI value for accurate colour representation and authentic vibrancy. To exhibit art as intended, choose illumination with a CRI of 90 or above. Low CRI lighting can wash out colours and distort artwork, reducing its effect. To get the finest art presentation, always check the CRI value while choosing lighting. Directionality and placement is important to light the artwork without shadows or hotspots, consider the light's direction and location. The light source should illuminate the artwork without glare.

Artwork can be stunningly displayed with the appropriate lighting. It can also warm up the room, making your artwork more delightful to behold. For individuals unfamiliar with lighting, choosing art lighting might be difficult. This blog post will help you choose the ideal lighting for your artwork so you can show it in a way that captures its spirit. In this blog post, we will go through all the types of art lighting options and help you to choose the best lighting for your artwork.

Art lighting buyers guide:

Picture Lights


  • Size: Picture lights accommodate different artwork sizes.
  • Coverage: Picture lights may not cover large artwork.
  • Light intensity: Some want a warm, personal vibe with a soft finish, while others prefer brighter illumination.
  • Aesthetics: Picture lights complement frames and artwork in design and polish.
  • Professional installation: Picture lights must be hardwired into the wall.
  • CRI: Most picture light will have a low CRI, having a CRI 90+ is highly recommended.

See Picture Lights Collection

Picture lights illuminate artwork well. They illuminate the artwork without casting shadows or glare with concentrated light. While selecting a picture light, consider the artwork's size. For even coverage, larger works of art may need numerous picture lights or a larger fixture. Picture light finishes are another essential consideration. Picture lights might be brass, chrome, or matte black. This lets you match your artwork's frame or your room's aesthetic. Some want a bright, well-lit show, while others prefer a more private, quiet one. Dimmable picture lights can help you achieve this appearance by adjusting brightness. This may create a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws you into the artwork and makes it more pleasurable. Picture lights require hardwiring into the wall, so ask an electrician if you're unsure about installation. With the correct picture light, you can turn your artwork into a dazzling centrepiece that captivates visitors.

Track Lights


  • Beam Angle: Ensure that your beam angle is correct. In most situations, 20 to 25 degrees will do.
  • Dimmable: Dimmable track lights are preferable since they can be turned down to the appropriate brightness if they are too bright.
  • Flexibility: The lighting fixtures are simple to relocate or modify to customise the show. Installing track lights is simpler than installing recessed ceiling fixtures or other types of lighting.
  • Variety: Track lighting systems are available in a wide range of designs and materials, so you may pick the one that best matches your artwork and décor.
  • Bulky: As track lighting is surface mounted and stands out, some people may not find it to be visually appealing. Instead, they might prefer discreet recessed lighting.
  • Tri Colour: New LED tri colour technology means it has a switch to choose warm white, cool white or daylight. This will mean you can create the perfect ambience for any application.
  • Track lights' directional lighting enables you to draw attention to particular parts of your artwork.

See Track Lights Collection

Track lighting is a versatile option for lighting artwork, providing flexibility in changing displays by adding extra track heads or dimming down. With its modern and sleek architectural design, it can complement any decor while providing the necessary lighting for showcasing artwork. Track-lighting systems have evolved over time, with many now offering a cleaner and minimalist look compared to older models. They also come with a range of specifications, making it easy to achieve the desired lighting effect for your artwork.

Another advantage is the ability to move fixtures or take them off entirely without requiring major renovation work, as is the case with recessed ceiling fixtures. However, some may find the appearance of track lighting less attractive when installed on the ceiling. Overall, track lighting is a practical solution for lighting artwork, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to changing displays while offering an attractive and modern design.

Recessed Adjustable Downlights - Pull Out Art Work


  • Placement is key: Proper placement of recessed lights is critical to showcase your art in the best possible way. Most will include a plug so test holding up to get the distance right before cutting holes in your ceiling.
  • Directional lighting: Recessed downlights provide directional lighting, which can enhance the texture and details of your art.
  • Wattage matters: Choose a wattage that complements the size and type of art you're lighting. Also make sure they are dimmable, then you can choose a higher wattage and dim down to perfect brightness.
  • Avoid hot spots: To avoid creating hot spots, ensure that the distance between the lights is appropriate and that they're evenly spaced.
  • Choose the right colour temperature: Colour temperature can affect how the artwork is perceived. Consider using a cooler temperature for contemporary art and a warmer temperature for traditional art.
Picture Light

There are various alternatives available when it comes to recessed adjustable downlights for lighting artwork that best displays your pride and joy. Since they are hidden and inconspicuous while simultaneously providing brilliant, directed lighting, recessed downlights are a viable option for lighting art. The ability to quickly modify the colour temperature is provided by the tri-color variation of these sorts of lights.

Recessed downlights are another excellent option since they cast an even amount of light over the wall. By using this method, you can make a brilliant wall that highlights your artwork while also subtly illuminating the space. Many modern collectors favour it since it is a laid-back and adaptable method of illuminating art. Also, since the wall is uniformly lighted, you won't need to make any adjustments in the future when adding, deleting, or moving art. Whether you choose with wall washers or recessed downlights, the appropriate lighting can really bring out the best in your artwork.

Surface Mounted Lights - Surface Mounted Art Lighting


  • Pick the right fixture: Choose a light that matches your artwork and the space's overall aesthetic. Surface-mounted lights might be regarded as cumbersome, so make sure they complement the texture and finish of the décor.
  • Choose the appropriate colour temperature: The colour temperature of an artwork might alter how it is viewed. Choose a lower temperature for modern art and a warmer one for classic art. The majority of surface-mounted lights should be tricolour.
  • Placement is crucial: To display your artwork in the most effective manner and to prevent causing hot spots or glare, it is vital to arrange it correctly.
  • Wattage matters: Pick a wattage that compliments the size and type of the artwork you're lighting, and disperse the light evenly. Try to ensure that they are dimmable, and choose for a strong light.
Picture Light

With a variety of types available to fit any situation, surface mounted lights are a flexible choice for illuminating artwork. Pin spotlights are a great technique to focus light on certain works of art. Adjustable light direction is possible with surface-mounted art lights. You may make sure that the light illuminates the majority of the artwork rather than just a tiny portion of it by defining a range of light-beam spreads.

It is ideal to aim for a 25-degree angle when arranging ceiling-mounted lighting for artwork so that the light beam touches the centre of the piece. Long shadows are produced by lighting at an angle of 10 degrees, whereas reflected glare is produced at a 45 degree angle. The best approach to display your artwork is with surface-mounted lights that have adjustable beam dispersion and direction.

Our best sellers for each type of Artwork Lighting

Picture Light - Barclay Picture Light in Antique Brass, Antique Silver or Shiny Nickel by Emac & Lawton


  • High-quality finish: The Barclay wall sconce features an extremely high-quality finish, which can add an elegant touch to your artwork and room.
  • Classic design: The Barclay wall sconce appropriates the classic library/bankers lamp and brings it into a design that's perfect for a bedside table or to hang above a picture frame to give lighting.
  • Proven seller: This light has been a proven seller for years, and it's the most sold light internationally, which attests to its popularity and quality.
  • Limited brightness: Keep in mind that the Barclay wall sconce only takes 2 x E14 globes, which can limit its brightness and may not be suitable for larger or darker artworks.
  • Multiple variations: The Barclay wall sconce comes in multiple variations including antique brass, antique silver, and shiny nickel, allowing you to choose the best option to match your artwork and decor.

Price (RRP): $480*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Looking for a classic and elegant way to light up your artwork? The Barclay wall sconce is the perfect solution. With its high-quality finish, this picture light has been a proven bestseller for years and is our most popular light internationally. Crafted from durable brass, the Barclay wall sconce features a design inspired by the classic library and banker's lamps. Its antique brass, antique silver, and shiny nickel variations are sure to complement any decor.

With a shade measuring ø410mm and a backplate measuring ø90mm, this hardwired light fixture takes 2 x e14 globes. While the brightness may be limited due to the number of globes, the Barclay wall sconce provides a warm and inviting glow that perfectly highlights your artwork. If you're looking wall-mounted picture light, the Barclay wall sconce is an excellent choice. Its classic design and high-quality construction make it a timeless addition to any art lover's home.

LED Track Head - LED Track Light 15w Tri Colour in Matt Black or Matt White Havit Commercial


  • Versatility: The ability to add and change track heads makes this light a versatile option for any art gallery or space.
  • Beam angle customization: The option to change the beam angle to 15°, 24°, and 36°, or use the stock 60° ensures the best coverage for your art lighting.
  • CRI90: With a CRI90, this track light will show off the colors in your artwork almost perfectly.
  • Warranty: This light comes backed with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Glare reduction: The honeycomb lens option can help reduce glare, making it easier to view your artwork without straining your eyes.
  • Coloured Inserts Customisable: This LED track has a variety of baffle inserts to bring character and charm to your lighting design. Pick from black, white, or gold/brass trim choices to create a unique style that matches your interior design and adds visual appeal.

Price (RRP): $79.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

If you're looking for the perfect track light for your art gallery, the 15W LED track head is a top choice due to its versatility and flexibility in installation. You can easily add or change track heads, allowing for a customized lighting experience. This track head also offers adjustable beam angles ranging from 15° to 60°, so you can ensure optimal coverage of your artwork.

Additionally, it has a CRI90 rating, which accurately displays colors. The 5-year warranty provides peace of mind, and if you have high ceilings, you can also install the track with suspension kits. The honeycomb lens option reduces glare, making it perfect for viewing art, and there are also 25W and 35W models available for commercial applications, which are fully dimmable.

Recessed Art Downlight - 89mm LED Downlight 10w Black, White 3k, 4k CRI 90+ XRD10 Trend Lighting


  • Quality materials: Trend Lighting employs high-quality materials in their products, ensuring that their downlights are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Innovative design: The recessed pull-out lamp is a sleek and contemporary solution for art lighting, offering directed lighting for a range of applications. Fully adjustable, the light may be turned up to 355 degrees and slanted up to 90 degrees for ideal illumination coverage and direction.
  • Easy installation: Trend Lighting's downlights are simple to install and can be placed into any area with no effort.
  • Variety: Trend Lighting offers a vast selection of downlights for various purposes, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments.
  • CRI90: With a CRI90, this track light will almost precisely display the colours in your artwork.

Price (RRP): $141.00*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

The Recessed Pull Out Light is ideal for lighting artwork due to its sleek and contemporary appearance and completely adjustable 'pull-out' gimble, which permits directional modification in a range of lighting applications. This light is constructed with a single 10W LED with a high CRI of 90+, rendering colours accurately with high COB lumen outputs of 750Lm (3000K) and 780Lm (4000K) (4000K). Its totally adjustable design permits a 355° rotation and 90° tilt, making it simple to focus the light on the artwork by adjusting its direction. This light is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, with a system power of 11.8w and minimal energy usage. This light is made by Trend Lighting which are the leaders in downlights in Australia.

Surface Mounted Art Light - Nella LED Downlight 18w Black, White CCT HV5824T Havit Lighting


  • Brand: In the Australian lighting market, Havit Lighting is a popular and trusted company, renowned for their excellent products and dependable customer service.
  • Modern Design: This downlight's rotating design provides for complete directional control, making it suitable for a variety of lighting applications.
  • Finish: This downlight's powder-coated black or white aluminium finish offers it a sleek, contemporary appearance that complements any interior design style.
  • Only one Beam Angle: This downlight's 60-degree beam angle delivers a concentrated and efficient light output that may illuminate particular regions or items.
  • Fully Dimmable: This downlight's Triac dimmable and TRI Colour capabilities allow for customization of the light intensity and colour temperature, making it a versatile and adaptable choice for any area.

Price (RRP): $283.27*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Artists and art enthusiasts realise that lighting is crucial to showcasing art. Choosing the appropriate lighting is key. Consider the Havit Lighting surface mounted rotating LED downlight. This surface mounted downlight from Australia's Havit Lighting is totally directional. The aluminium powder-coated black/white downlight adds style to your art display.The downlight's 60° beam angle focuses light on your artwork's finest elements. The Triac Dimmable light lets you set the brightness.

The TRI Colour option lets you pick between warm, neutral, and cold light conditions. Its adaptability lets you set the right art exhibition mood. The IP54-rated downlight is dust- and water-resistant, making it perfect for humid locations like bathrooms and kitchens.

The downlight's 18w LED delivers long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. A 3-year replacement warranty gives you confidence in your purchase. The Havit Lighting surface-mounted rotating LED downlight is ideal for art shows. Its customizable design, focused beam angle, and TRI Colour selections let you light your artwork perfectly.

Lighting plays a crucial role in showcasing art to its fullest potential. Proper lighting enhances the vibrancy, longevity and overall effect of the artwork. Choosing the right type of lighting is essential to highlight the true essence of the artwork. The blog post provides a comprehensive understanding of the three most popular types of lighting - Picture Lights, Track Lights, and Recessed Adjustable Downlights.

Picture lights are ideal for illuminating artwork without casting shadows or glare with concentrated light. They come in various finishes, sizes and are suitable for people who prefer a bright, well-lit show or a more private, quiet one. Track lights are a versatile option, providing flexibility in changing displays and come with a range of specifications. Recessed adjustable downlights are perfect for lighting artwork that best displays one's pride and joy. They are laid-back and adaptable, casting an even amount of light over the wall.

In conclusion, choosing the right lighting is crucial for artwork. It is important to consider the size, coverage, light intensity, aesthetics, professional installation, and CRI value while choosing the lighting. Directionality, placement and flexibility of the lighting fixtures should also be considered. Proper lighting can turn artwork into a dazzling centrepiece that captivates visitors.

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