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The 7 Best Floor Lamps - Our Top Options for Each Style

Mitchell Elworthy June 23, 2023 at 6:22 am

Overhead lighting is great for creating ambience, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best and only choice for your indoor lighting. Supplementing your overheads with a great floor lamp can help add a beautiful aesthetic to your home and make it easier and more enjoyable to complete your daily tasks.

Choosing the best floor lamp can be a daunting task — and that’s why our team is here to help. The Lighting Outlet stocks hundreds of lamps, including a huge selection of high-quality floor lamps from your favourite lighting brands. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best floor lamps of 2022 down below to help inspire and delight you. Browse our beautiful fixtures today to find the one that’s going to transform your space into something wonderful!

Top Floor Lamps Summary:

Best Industrial Floor Lamp

Townshend Floor Lamp

What we love:

  • Adjustable lights make it easy to customise for your needs and taste.
  • Exposed globes offer a minimalist appeal and allow for more light exposure.
  • In-line switch allows for easy use.
  • Narrow profile makes it perfect for smaller spaces.

Price (RRP): $249.00

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*Price may have changed at time of reading

The Townshend Lamp encapsulates the industrial trend perfectly with its dark steel base, timber arms and exposed globes. It’s guaranteed to turn heads with its modern, untraditional appearance and is the perfect way to add some character and warm, relaxing light to your favourite space. For a similar look without the exposed bulbs, we recommend the Lars Floor Lamp.

Best Modern Floor Lamp

Art Deco Brass & Marble Floor Lamp

What we love:

  • A heavy marble base keeps the lamp securely stationed.
  • Curved opal glass shade evenly diffuses light for a warm and comforting ambience.
  • 1270mm height isn’t as tall as some floor lamps, making it perfect for lower seating or smaller rooms.

Price (RRP): $160.00

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*Price may have changed at time of reading

Add a sophisticated touch to your space with this modern floor lamp. Whether your style tends towards contemporary, mid-century modern, natural or something else entirely, this unique floor lamp will fit right into any room. It offers a dreamy mix of straight lines and gorgeous curves that combine to create a minimal, modern masterpiece. For a more angular modern look, you can also check out our Sophus Floor Lamp.

Best Traditional Floor Lamp

Dorcel Floor Lamp

What we love:

  • Available in three different colours
  • Slightly tapered shade helps spread light evenly through the space
  • Offers a modern take on a timeless design

Price (RRP): $291.42

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*Price may have changed at time of reading

Traditional console lamps are one of the best floor lamps for the living room, thanks to their classic appearance and nice ambient light. This Dorcel lamp offers a classic profile with a contemporary twist that will fit easily into any room. It may not be as fancy as some of the other lights on this list, but sometimes that minimalist look is just what you need to complete your perfect space. For a different take on traditional, be sure to view our Hudson Floor Lamp.

Best Budget Floor Lamp

Sara LED Floor Lamp

What we love:

  • Adjustable head makes this lamp more useful.
  • Available in eight colours, including black, white, mint and blush.
  • Long-lasting LED is better for the environment and your wallet.

RRP Price From $97.79

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*Price may have changed at time of reading

This elegantly simple lamp may look pricey, but it’s one of our most popular budget options. Whether you’re searching for a fixture to use in your reading nook or at your workbench, this light is here for you. It’s powerful, functional and all-around stunning. If a dome-shaped shade doesn’t appeal to your tastes, be sure to look at our Kalla LED Floor Lamps for another budget-friendly option.

Best Tripod Floor Lamp

Denise Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

What we love:

  • Available in three different colours.
  • Clean, contemporary design is easy to match to any style of room.
  • Powerful uplight and downlights create a brightly lit space.

    Price (RRP): $169.00

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    *Price may have changed at time of reading

    A sturdy tripod fixture can be one of the best floor lamps for homes with animals or children — these lights won’t tip over easily! This Denise lamp sports a trendy minimalist modern frame and large drum shade that will help give your room a fun and homey vibe. If a unique design is more your style, our Darnius Floor Lamps are the perfect modern tripod statement lamp.

    Best Arc Floor Lamp

    Manor Floor Lamp

    What we love:

    • Available in three different finishes: antique copper, antique chrome and weathered brass.
    • A slim profile and thin base help ensure this lamp fits well even in smaller spaces.
    • Timeless appearance fits well with any style.

    Price (RRP): $155.00

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    *Price may have changed at time of reading

    Arching lamps are some of the most popular and best floor lamps of 2022, in part because they add plenty of drama and energy to a room. This manor lamp sports a gentle curve that gives it a dramatic appearance without taking up too much space in the room. Its beautiful dome light not only makes a lovely statement but also emits a powerful light that’s perfect for reading or working. If you’re searching for something with a more defined arc, be sure to look at our Over Arc Floor Lamp.

    Best Rod/Corner Floor Lamp

    LED RGBW Corner Floor Lamp

    What we love:

    • Remote-controlled, dimmable light is adjustable to fit your preference.
    • Convenient foot pedal switch makes turning the light off and on even easier.
    • Efficient and effective LED lights provide a bright and beautiful glow.

      Price (RRP): $114.99

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      *Price may have changed at time of reading

      Also known as corner lamps, rod lamps are the perfect solution to lighting up dark spaces where traditional floor lamps just won’t do. Our most popular rod lamp sports a sleek and stunning minimalist design that makes its powerful lighting all the more surprising. With this lamp, you can choose from a range of different lighting colours to find the perfect fit for your space. For something less vibrant, be sure to take a look at our popular Addison Floor Lamp.

      Floor Lamp Buyers Guide

      Now you know the types of floor lamps and where to place them, you just need to choose the right one. The considerations below will help you decide how to choose a floor lamp.

      Making Small Rooms Look Bigger

      If you have a very small space, you can make it look bigger with the use of uplights. These lamps have a shade that widens as it goes upwards. This provides accents to walls and gives the illusion of a room that is spacious.

      Position the lamps as a pair, or in opposing corners. Try to cut back on competing light sources from ambient and direct lighting. When you have light coloured ceilings the trick will work much better.

      Space Considerations

      Floor lamps have huge variations in size and shape. Ambient and reading floor lamps can take up large spaces, while uplights will tuck into almost any space.

      It all depends on how much room you have on the floor and the surrounding area. Make sure you are not bumping into the lamp as you walk past. Lamps with tripod bases will also need a wider base area, so it may be worth choosing something smaller if you are tight on space.


      Like any piece of furniture, you need to set out a floor lamp budget. Luckily, with lamps, you can get ones that will fit your decor even at low prices. The light quality is generally the same, so there is something for everyone.

      When you start to spend more, you get into the types of lights that function as statement pieces. If your room seems a little dull, then consider paying more for an artistic, high-end lamp to give the area some flair.


      There is a wide range of floor lamp designs out there. The look already prevalent in your home should dictate what type of lamp you choose. If not, your lamp may end up looking out of place.

      Think about what design theme your room has. Is it contemporary, coastal, minimalist, classic? From here, you can find a lamp that matches the core elements.

      Aside from this, you will want to theme the colours. In most circumstances, matt black or white will go with anything. However, a lamp that fits with the colour scheme can really enhance your interior design aesthetic.

      Types of Floor Lamps

      Each type of lamp serves a different purpose in your room. By knowing its function, you can get a blend of functionality and aesthetics in your lighting.

      Ambient Floor Lamps

      Ambient floor lamps are there to provide warmth to dark corners and general light to a room. By adding a shade, the light can be diffused in different ways and the intensity can be altered. You may be able to perform fine work or reading under them, but they are no replacement for a large reading lamp.

      Reading Floor Lamps

      Reading floor lamps offer more direct, focused light for fine work and reading. Many of them will have a tilting surface or hangover in an arc, so they can sit above an area and illuminate downwards. They bring a blend of practicality along with the ability to illuminate your space.


      Uplights are often known as torchiere lamps. They have upward pointing shades and light sources, that can highlight walls. Use them as more of an accent lighting to highlight areas than for any practical use.

      Arc Lamps

      Arc lamps are a mix between direct lights and ambient lights. They have adjustable stems that can be moved around for many applications. Larger ones can even be used to duplicate the overhead lights in a room.

      Floor Lamp Placement

      Before purchasing floor lamps, you need to think about where they actually need to be. If not, you may end up with too few or have an excess that is not fit for purpose.

      Lighting can be broken down into three main categories. These are ambient, task and accent. Each will serve a different purpose in your home.

      Ambient lighting will help illuminate the space. Task lighting is more direct and should be used for work and reading. Accent lighting is used to highlight a certain feature or walkway, concentrating on mood and aesthetics.

      Begin by deciding where you will need task lighting. Usually, this is over sofas, tables, desks and worktops. If you are struggling to get light sources coming from the right angles, then you will need something that has an adjustable stand or shade.

      Once you know where task lighting exists, see which other areas of the room are dark when this light source is on. For these areas, you will need ambient lighting. Find a lamp that suits the design of the room then experiment with the intensity and diffusion.

      After this, accent lighting can bring attention to any other features you want to highlight. These could be large walls that have no ambient light upon them, or you may want to pick out walkways, ornaments or artwork.

      How To Choose a Floor Lamp

      Now you have read our floor lamp buyers guide, knowing how to choose a floor lamp should be much easier. Think of the lamps you need, then set a budget. Shop around to find one that suits the design and style of the room.

      Find Your New Favourite Floor Lamps at The Lighting Outlet

      A great floor lamp can change any room or space into an inviting area while also acting as a beautiful décor piece. Whether you’re looking for a floor lamp to use as task lighting, a statement piece or something in between, our team is here to help you find the perfect fixture. Browse our entire collection of stunning floor lamps today to find the best floor lamps for your living room, bedroom, entryway or other areas of your home. Need help with your order? Reach out to our friendly staff today — we’d love to assist!

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