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Best Outdoor Heaters Australia 2021

Mitchell Elworthy

As you are starting to feel them late afternoon winter breezes flowing by, it's now time to plan on being ready for when winter fully kicks in and staying warm. 

I know in the past I've been guilty of finishing up for the day then staying indoors every evening until spring hits again, but now with advanced technologies in outdoor heaters there is no need to end the evening early! Why not bring a friend around or have a family BBQ? Having an outdoor heater will allow you enjoy your outdoor patio or balcony all year round. In this blog we will run over our best outdoor strip heaters

Our favourite outdoor heaters are the radiant heaters which work by producing a radiant heat that projects directly to skin or objects rather than just heating the air. A traditional heater will heat a room which is practical for indoors, but for outdoors the heat simply gets lost in the breeze or wind. So in a nutshell radiant heaters will heat the direct environment, not the air around it.  

Gas heaters have many great benefits too, the main benefit being that you get instant heat. When indoors, as soon as the gas heater is turned on the heat will begin to flow through your home but for outdoors you need to be in a close vicinity to the heater as the heat will get lost in the air. Gas heaters also have a lower carbon emissions, the combustion for natural gas is almost 100% which is only a minimal amount being emitted to the atmosphere. Gas heaters are more suited for a commercial purpose like a cafe or beer garden to get instant heat. 

Outdoor Heater Power Costs

The power costs for radiant heaters are the same as an infrared heater which are typically around 1500 watts. If you were to run  1500w radiant heater you would be looking at a running cost of around 50c per hour. Radiant heaters are known to be more efficient as they don't require natural resources. Moving forward into the next 10 to 20 years we hope to see people using more solar renewable energy and then running for free. Gas heaters are more pricey to run (on average will cost $3 per hour) and will need also more maintenance. 


Installing Outdoor Heater

In the past we have had customers get caught out by them not knowing that they will be required to run the outdoor heater direct from the circuit board on their own circuit, which may be tricky for installation. 


Do Radiant Outdoor Heaters Get Hot?

Yes, the radiant outdoor heaters get hot and should not be touched or come in contact with anything. Radiant outdoor heaters also should not be run for more than 12 hours at a time. 


What Size Outdoor Heater?

Traditionally the radiant heater will come in a 1500w, 2400 or 3000w. Below is a rough guide to work from. 

1500w - 3 to 4M² 

2400w - 4 to 5M² 

3000w - 5 to 6M² 


How To Position Your Outdoor Heater

When installing your outdoor patio heater you can look to mount it to the wall, but the best gain would come from installing it above your living table. Having your outdoor heater on the wall or ceiling also takes out the option of injury which is great plus, particularly if you have children or pets. 

Outdoor Heater Accessories 


Due to advancements in outdoor heating we now have many accessories to make installations easier on all applications. As you can see below there are many ways to mount your outdoor heater. The standard (45 degree) and higher (closer to ceiling, 22.5 degree) wall mount brackets are included with the heater.

If you have a high ceiling of more than 2.5 meters you will likely need to suspend the heater with suspension chains or an extended fixed bracket, in order to absorb a good amount of the heat produced. The flush mounting bracket is a great feature you should look into, as it shows off a great architectural look, this works by recessing a gap in the ceiling and a flash metal behind. 


DIY Plug Adapter - This plug is very handy particularly for the models which don't include a remote. It's very simple to use, just plug it in like a double adapter. This allows you to set a timer for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hour options and to control on/off from the remote. 

Hardwired Switch - This model is the same as the previous model but it's hardwired meaning it's fixed to the wall. It allows you to adjust the heat over 3 settings high / medium / low. It also is safe with the automatic timer. 


Australia's Best Outdoor Heaters

1. Heatstrip by Thermofilm

The heatstrip outdoor heater is nothing short of a statement piece. This outdoor heater is used and sold worldwide in places like the Crown Casino and the MCG. The heatstrip outdoor heater has won many awards such as below.

The heatstrip ticks all the boxes and has a wide range of models to suit every setting including indoors. The elegant slimline model will suit any application and the off white colour will blend in perfectly with your ceiling. Look into recessing this model (if possible) as shown in the image below. Thermofilm have a worldwide leading design element which allows a more compact and higher output heater. Thermofilm only specialise in heaters, so they have been producing and improving their technology for over 20 years and are the market leaders in Australia. When purchasing a Thermofilm you will know that you have selected a high quality heater that will last the test of time and one which people will stop to look at.


+Elegant Timeless Look

+Remote Optional 

+Radiant Heat

+Timer Function

+Heat Adjustable

+World Wide Company


-Lower IP Rating

-More Costly

-10 Minutes Warm Up Timer

2. Heatwave Pro Radiant By Ventair

 The heatwave has an overall great slimline look which almost appears like a design statement piece rather then a big free standing eye sore. The heatwave has 6 different models including 3 different sizes and wattages, with each having the remote option, where you can programme the length it will stay on for (a great safety feature). The remote version also allows you to run at either 33%, 66% or 100% of total rated power, this means you decide your wattage, so you can't lose. The heatwave radiant outdoor heater has an IP65 rating which means water or dust will not penetrate this fixture at all. When a product has an IP65 it's usually a good indication of premium quality of the fixture. The heat wave also uses corrosion free materials. All this from one of Australia's leading wholesalers Ventair


+Slimline Look

+Remote Optional 

+Radiant Heat


+Timer Function


-Mounting Bracket 

-More Costly

-10 Minutes Warm Up Timer


The Fahrenheit Outdoor Radiant Heater By Brilliant

The Fahrenheit has been a proven top-seller of the Lighting Outlet now for 3 years. We have not had one complaint about this heater, it's quality is second to none. The Fahrenheit outdoor electric heater includes a DIY plug for an easy installation. This outdoor heater is perfect for tight areas as it provides superior close proximity heat. Brilliant's outdoor patio heater will suit many applications such as alfresco's, outdoor dining areas, beer gardens, sidewalks or gaming rooms. Brilliant lighting are one of Australia's longest running lighting and air movement companies with of 50 years of manufacturing experience, so sit back and know you have purchased a high quality fixture which will last the test of time. 



+Slimline Look

+Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

+Radiant Heat

+Leading Australian Manufacturer 


-No Remote Option

-No Timer Option

-10 Minutes Warm Up Time



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