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Best Outdoor Lighting for Every Need

Mitchell Elworthy June 23, 2023 at 6:22 am

Common Outdoor Lighting Types and Our Fixture Recommendations

For many people, the idea of lighting begins and ends indoors — but outdoor lighting can be just as important if you want to enjoy your space even after the sun goes down. From your façade to your landscape, outdoor lighting can provide increased safety and security, as well as a beautiful appearance.

Below you’ll find a quick guide of some of The Lighting Outlet’s best outdoor lighting ideas for backyards, front yards, facades, driveways, pools and more. Whether you’re searching for security lights, festoons, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourite outdoor lighting fixtures,
categorised by type.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is often the brightest type of outdoor lighting fixture and is designed to help deter burglars or animals from your property. We recommend installing security lighting in high, hard-to-reach areas, which will help ensure that the light is diffused over the greatest space possible.


 The Hunter Twin LED Flood Light CCT

Hunter Twin LED Flood Light CCT With Sensor 22w in White or Black



The Hunter Twin LED Flood Light offers powerful, motion-sensor lights in various colour temperatures. The durable aluminium design, manual override option on the motion sensor and the easy installation process all make this one of the best outdoor lighting options available.


 The Integrated LED Floodlight 50w

For something a little different, we’d recommend Verbatim’s Integrated LED Floodlight. Its smooth, streamlined design is less noticeable than other security lights, but it still packs a powerful punch, offering 3600 lumens at only 50w. Waterproof and impact-proof, this is a great choice for your outdoor lighting needs.


Path Lighting

These lighting fixtures are used to help illuminate garden paths, walkways, sidewalks, driveways and other areas that could be unsafe if you tried to navigate them in the dark. Most path lighting comes in the form of easy-to-place path lights, though larger bollards can also be used for more expansive areas.



Garden Spike Light with Frosted Glass Kit (6 pack)

When it comes to spike lights, you can’t go wrong with the classic LED Outdoor Garden Spike Light. Made from marine-grade stainless steel, this tri-colour light is the perfect option for outdoor areas, even those that are exposed to corrosive saltwater. And while our Garden Spike Light with Frosted Glass may not look like the classic spike light, it works just as well. Its slim profile and beautiful frosted glass shade will immediately add elegance to your walkway.



Amun Exterior LED Bollard Rectangular in Black

Amun Exterior LED Bollard Rectangular in Black

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, we recommend the popular Amun Exterior LED Bollard. It offers a clean, minimalist design, corrosion-resistant powder coating and front and back diffusers that will help flood your area with an even light.



Festoon Lighting

Also known as string lighting, festoons are one of the best outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard. They’re the perfect way to add a warm, celebratory feel to any environment, from pools and patios to gazebos and outdoor kitchens.

LED 10 or 20m Festoon Lights Kit

LED 10 or 20m Festoon Lights Kit


Our classic Festoon Lights Kit is available in 10m and 20m lengths and offers a warm, beautiful glow, which is especially striking when used outdoors. Even better, these lights are a breeze to install, so you can begin enjoying them as soon as they arrive.

24v Festoon LED Lighting 10 or 20 Meter Kit


For those who need something a little more durable, our 24v Festoon LED Lighting is a perfect choice. These lights boast a double insulated cable and a long-lasting LED system that make them perfect for long-term outdoor use. As an extra bonus, we’re happy to offer these lights in bespoke lengths.



Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is the perfect way to illuminate everything from building facades to fences. It can be installed on any vertical space to help provide safety, security, ambience and decoration. Our collection of wall lighting includes sconces, eyes, lanterns and more, all available in a variety of sizes, styles and temperatures.


Solar Dusk To Dawn Sensor LED Outdoor Wall Light

Looking for a highly functional wall lighting fixture? Our Solar Dusk To Dawn Sensor LED Outdoor Wall Light is one of our best outdoor lights available. It’s versatile, easy to DIY install and has a small but powerful sensor-activated light that operates at two different levels.


LED Matt Black Up Down Outdoor Wall Light


Solar Dusk To Dawn Sensor LED Outdoor Wall Light

For something with both up and down illumination, try the LED Matt Black Up Down Outdoor Wall Light. Its sleek, modern design will be perfectly at home on fences, pillars, facades and posts alike.


Rye Exterior Wall Light Small or Large

 Rye Exterior Wall Light Small or Large

If décor is more your concern, the Rye Exterior Wall Light are the perfect solution. Available in two different sizes and a variety of finishes, these lanterns sport clean, modern lines but still exude the classic lantern look and style. They’ll automatically elevate your building façade and add just the right amount of light (and elegance) to your outdoor space.

Deck Lighting

These outdoor lighting fixtures are a must-have to ensure safety on your stairs, deck, patio or any other place where trips and falls may occur. These lights are specially designed to provide bright, focused areas of illumination for small spaces. You’ll often find them in between stair steps, along railings or at the edges of a deck or pool.

Pinta Step Light With Eyelid Matt Black

Pinta Step Light With Eyelid Matt Black

Our Pinta Step Lights are the ultimate traditional deck lighting fixture. These powerful eyelid lights pack a punch, offering amazing visibility with their strong downward light. They boast a clean contemporary design and are made from industrial-grade aluminium, which means you can trust them to last.


The Stylez LED Step Light

The Stylez LED Step Light

For something a little less traditional, we recommend the Stylez LED Step Light, a rectangular fixture with a powerful downlight that will add a modern touch to your outdoor area. This unique and classy light is available in three different finishes: brass, stainless steel and antique brass.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in a variety of shapes and styles, from small bullet lights to huge flood lights to in-ground well lights. These fixtures are commonly used to highlight various areas of your home and yard, such as plants, trees, water features, architectural elements and more.

In-ground LED Uplighter 316 SS

In-ground LED Uplighter

When it comes to the best landscape lighting, we’ve got several options for you. For maximum up light with minimal effort, we recommend installing our In-Ground LED Uplighter, which provides up to 630 lumens with just a 7-watt globe.

Defender Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light

Defender Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light 

When your landscape lighting plan calls for a thorough wash of light, our Defender Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light is the way to go. It offers up to 6 hours of full brightness when fully charged and is incredibly easy to install and adjust.


Oasis LED Garden Spike Spotlight

 Oasis LED Garden Spike Spotlight


If something smaller is more your style, though, our Oasis LED Garden Spike Spotlights are the ideal bullet light. With an adjustable head, built-in LED and strong light output, this fixture is a great choice for illuminating smaller outdoor features such as plants or garden decorations.


Discover the Best Outdoor Lights Today

If you’re searching for the best outdoor lighting for 2022, you’ll find what you want at The Lighting Outlet. Whether you need lighting for decoration, security, safety or navigation, we can help! Browse our extensive collection of outdoor lighting fixtures today to discover options from your favourite lighting brands. Need help finding the perfect piece? Our friendly lighting experts are always ready to lend a hand — just reach out to us today.

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