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Everything You Need To Know About LED Panel Lights

Abbie Walsh

In recent years we have seen LED panels  really take off. From the old troffer lights, typically only used and found in offices, to now seen in commercial and residential applications, used in a decorative touch. LED panel lights are extremely practical with its wide angle light output, and low glare effect. 


LED panel lighting can also be used to imitate the look of a skylight. This can be a real feature to any application. To do this look, choose a 1200 x 300mm panel in a colour temperature of 4000k. This colour temperature is the most natural colour output, which will help you achieve the purpose of a natural skylight application. Doing this will give your home a real point of difference and is also a very cost effective result. 


In this blog we will go over what specs to look for before purchasing and then run over The Lighting Outlets favourite LED panel lighting products.


Brand - First place you should always start with when it's comes to buying anything is the brand, only buy from quality lighting brands such as Sunny Lighting , Martec Lighting , Domus Lighting , CLA Lighting and Brilliant Lighting .

Colour Temperature - Each application will suit different colours, for an office look to use a 5000k temperature this is the best colour for a work environment, its the perfect amount of white without being to harsh. Having a daylight colour is most practical because you can see most clearly and the human brain will react most to that colour so you will be more awake and alert. If your application is for a home then go with a 4000k, this will look like a beautiful natural skylight light beaming through your ceiling and is guaranteed to trick your guests. 4000k is the perfect mix of warm white and cool white as it has a tinge of warm and soft cool which is the perfect balance.

CCT Model - Nowadays a lot of lighting comes with the option to change the colour temperatures by the flick of the switch as you can see in the image below which is great to test on each application and can save a lot of headaches later on!

Size - Typically the 1200 x 300 panels are the best looking size but a 600 x 600 led panels can also work well. 


So now you have all the info you need to purchase your next LED panel fixture, the LED panels below are our favourite for overall quality and value.


Verbatim LED Troffer 64862

Verbatim which is owned by Mitsubishi are renowned for quality and they simply will not bring out a product which won't last the distance, Verbatim lighting have by far the strictest quality control for all of their products. This LED troffer is the best for quality but is also at a great value price. The efficiency is the highest out of every LED panel we sell with putting out 3000 lumens at 36 watts. Do yourself a favour and buy from quality lighting brands and for the lighting technology Verbatim is the best i've come across. 


LED Panel Brilliant Lighting - 20246/05

Brilliant Lighting is the second largest lighting supplier in Australia and this panel they manufacture is our biggest LED panel seller of all time. We have sold 1000's of this model and have had maybe 1 or 2 returned, it is superb value for money.


LED Panel Surface Mount or Suspension Brilliant Lighting 19069/05 19070/05

This product is actually exactly the same as above i just want to touch on the fact that it comes with either a surface mounted kit to avoid cutting holes in the ceiling or having the chance to install on a concrete ceiling. This model also has the option to suspend which again makes it much simpler to install but also offers another decorative touch which is a point of difference and offers a very practical light. 


Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉