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How To Choose The Right Oyster Light

Amy C

The best thing about oyster lighting is that you generally save a lot on electricity because you’re running less light. When buying oyster lighting look to buy high-quality brands only and order a spare because it just may become discontinued in a few years and you will want to match the existing fittings. 

Tips for Selecting The Right Oyster Light

1. LED - Always choose LED, they last up to 10 times longer, are low maintenance, save on power bills by up to 80% and are much more environmentally friendly.

2. Lumens - When choosing your oyster light the biggest decision to make is the brightness for the room, the lumen output determines how bright the LED will be. For a large living area we recommend and oyster with minimum 2,500 lumens closer to 3000 which will be around the 30 - 40w. For a small bedroom (3 x 3m) we suggest using an LED oyster with around 1500 lumens 15 - 20w.

3. Dimmable - We always recommend selecting a dimmable oyster with extra brightness. Always use a quality dimmer like the Diginet MEDM. This dimmer not only works great on nearly every LED oyster ceiling light but looks great with the slimline look and mini blue light. The dimmer also acts as an on and off switch. Another trick is to purchase the same brand that way you know its been tested with that product - try not to mix and match dimmers unless you know another type has been recommended to use it.

4. Brand - Stick to high-quality brands with decent warranties. LED oysters these days are mainly integrated LED which means they are not replaceable with a globe so once they die you will need to replace the whole fitting with a licensed electrician and at that point, the same oyster may not be available to match your existing ones. Avoid this headache by not buying from cheap retailers and buying from high-quality oyster lighting brands. Our favorite high quality LED oyster lighting brands are Domus, Martec, Brilliant, CLA, SAL and Telbix.

5. Colour Temperature - Generally with oyster lights today, people will choose to go a brighter white colour. That's because you’re running less surface lights so you want the brighter light to avoid shadows and dark corners. As such, most oysters are around a 5000k which works well for lighting up most rooms but at times can be harsh so again make sure you have a dimmable oyster so you can lose some of that harshness and for a more natural look. We recommend a 4000k which has a warm tinge but still has a whitish natural colour.

Three LED oyster ceiling light products we love and why

1. The Eclipse by Martec - This is The Lighting Outlets best selling oyster by far. It has the perfect value balance for our customers and also electricians. The Eclipse LED oyster comes in 4 wattages and 3 different colour temperatures so you can have the perfect brightness for each room you’re installing in. The look is the best feature for this oyster light being super slim close to the ceiling with most oysters being big and bulky. This LED oyster is made of polycarbonate so it will not rust and also has an IP rating of 54 so you can use this oyster light outdoors and in wet areas, issue free. This ceiling oyster light is also dimmable and dims very well at that, down to 10%. Great overall oyster which you will not go wrong on if you’re in the Sydney-area come into our lighting showroom just off Maroubra to see all the eclipse oysters on display.

2. The Mondo by Domus - This surface mounted oyster light is an incredible ceiling light that’s versatile yet high-quality, the Mondo LED oyster light is one of our best sellers. The oysters price is slightly higher than standard oysters but you get what you pay for which is a high-end finish and a quality LED light. Trimmed with no edge and IP rated – the lights structure means no dust, bugs or dirt collects in the recesses. The light also features three white light colour variations to suit your preference and higher lumen output. Durable, sturdy and unassuming – these are just some of the reason our customers love Domus Lighting's Mono LED ceiling light. The Mondo comes in a 30w and 40w, the 30w will suit small the medium size rooms and the 40w will suit large rooms but remember both are dimmable so overkill won’t hurt when using a dimmer.

3. The Sigma by Telbix - This oyster light is relatively new to market but has had great feedback so far and we just love the value for what you get out of this oyster light. The Sigma is more on the economy end of the market but looks and works like the top end of the market with it’s super slimline profile with all in this price range big and bulky, this LED ceiling fixture is super bright with it 32w and putting out 2600 lumens. This oyster light also comes in 3 sizes so you can achieve the perfect brightness for each room and save some dollars doing so. This LED oyster light is perfect for electricians, renovators or people looking to give there home a uplift as the brightness will transform the place to make it much more contemporary LED lighting with the bright white color.

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