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Get Glowing! How to Decorate With Festoon Lighting

Mitchell Elworthy

Have you ever seen string lights in someone else's home and felt a magical, glowy feeling just by looking at them? Yep, it's pretty common, we call this the 'festoon lighting effect'. Bright, festive and cheerful, these lights are an easy and cost-effective way to add some happiness to your life. An added benefit is, the polished look of festoon lighting can encourage outdoor parties and events that last into the night. Perfect for the spring and summer months ahead. Explore how to infuse your backyard or home with festive, cheerful lighting by reading on. 

Casual Wrap Around Lighting


A popular and easy DIY method, casually wrap the globes around backyard objects, such as railings, fences and ladders, to create a cozy bohemian vibe. This look is perfect if you have a small apartment balcony or if you want to quickly beautify a section of the outdoor area. Festoon lighting surrounding the balcony while you enjoy cold beers and good conversation is a great way to spend a summer's night. 

All Along the Awning


A common way to decorate with festoon lights is to string them along backyard roof awning as a pretty border.

If done well, the look can not only be festive, it can become a polished design feature that create extra lighting. You can DIY the lights to your rooftop using purpose made clips, however, if you plan on leaving the lights there for a long time, we recommend getting the lights professionally affixed to the roof, so they don't drop latter on. 

A Ceiling of Lights


There's no easier or more beautiful way to create an enchanting function space that to put together string lights across the ceiling. Use cup hooks attached to walls or posts to connect these cables in a straight or zig-zag pattern. An excellent decoration piece for backyard weddings or big outdoor events, if you plan on using tonnes of festoon lights, make sure they're safe and secure! 

Romantic Tree Lights & Trellises


Have any anniversaries coming up, or just want to surprise your loved one? The easiest way to create a romantic atmosphere and show thoughtful care is to surprise your SO with strung up festoon lights in the surrounding trees, pergolas and lattices. Easily create a magical, unforgettable evening.

Indoor Decor


Festoon lights are perfect for indoors too! Create a soft, whimsical look in your bedroom, by wrapping edison bulbs around the canopy of your four poster bed or by hanging them down the side of a curtained window. Alternatively, if you have a little one with a wild imagination he or she will love festoon lights in their bedroom! Just make sure you keep them up high and away from little hands.  

If you’d like your festoon lights professionally installed, The Lighting Outlet offers custom jobs and installation in the Sydney area. Otherwise, we have a range of outdoor festoon lights available on our site. As always, if you have any questions or enquiries about our festoon lights and installations, please feel free to contact our friendly staff. To see customer examples of The Lighting Outlet's festoon lightings check out the images below.

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