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How to Position Pendants Perfectly

Melissa C

With the application of lighting playing such an important role in modern interior design it is no surprise that pendant lights have become a prominent and essential component when creating a harmonious atmosphere. 
But how do we achieve this? Of course, style matching is fundamental when choosing your pendant. However, when positioning a pendant there are a few tips and tricks you can use to achieve the best possible position for your space. 
Kitchen - Positioning Pendants over a kitchen Island.
As a Rough rule of thumb pendants should be positioned 75-80cm apart and 75-80cm above an island bench. This is a generally applied rule when symmetry is in place.

For example, when space is limited a single offset pendant or two offset pendants positioned next to each other at different heights can still achieve asymmetrical harmony. 
Hallway - Positioning Pendants in a hallway
With hallways if you have adequate room position the pendant roughly 120cm away from any surrounding walls and roughly 215cm from the floor.
 For every additional 1/2 meter of ceiling height above standard ceiling height (2.4) add an additional 6-7cm of height away from the floor.  
For ceilings that are 2 stories in height a single hanging pendant/ chandelier should be positioned no lower than the second floor.

 If the pendant/ chandelier has a cascade effect ensure that it sits no lower than 2.4 from the floor.

Dining table - Positioning Pendants over a dinning table 
With standard ceiling height (2.4) a pendant should be hung 80cm from a table.
For every additional 30cm of ceiling height, hang the pendant 10cm higher. Have the pendant sit no more than 15cm off the edge of the table 
To achieve simple harmony, have the pendant shape mimic the shape of the table below.

Bedroom – positioning pendants in a bedroom
Bedroom – positioning pendants in a bedroom
With bedrooms pendants being hung either side of the bed has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Pendants should be positioned central to the bedside table and sit anywhere between 40-55 cm above the tables surface.
For a centerpiece pendant above a bed the pendant should measure roughly 210cm from the floor.

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