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LED Profiles, Diffusers & Accessories

Fiona Mellink

If you’re on this page, you probably understand the merits of LED strips; they’re an incredibly versatile and efficient lighting option. However, knowing what accessories you need for your strips can be confusing. This guide will provide an overview of LED extrusions, diffusers, drivers and other accessories you might need or want to consider. If you’re ready to purchase your LED strip accessories online, you can shop our complete collection online.

What LED strip accessories do I need?

For non-adhesive backed LED strips, as a minimum, you will require the following accessories:

  1. Driver
    The driver will regulate the power to the LED strip, ensuring it is the correct voltage and converting it from alternating to direct current.

  2. Extrusion, sometimes known as a LED Channel or LED Profile
    A casing that is used to hold and protect the strip, enabling it to be easily mounted on to a wall, ceiling or similar. Profiles have become as much about design and style as about practicality these days.

  3. Connectors (for longer strips)
    A connector is anything used to connect the actual strip to another strip, a driver, or the power supply. 

Recommended extras:

  • Heat sink
    Dissipates excess heat from the LED strip, prolonging their life and performance. Heat sinks are not essential but highly recommended. LED strips with higher IP ratings are in greater need of a heat sink

  • Amplifier or booster (for longer and connected strips)
    Ensures a good connection across longer strips of LED, between each other and the controller.

Optional extras:

  • Controller
    Enables you to easily control your lights. Controllers can be simple on or off, such as a switch, or provide additional functionality such as dimming, changing colours and scheduling your lights

  • Diffuser

    A diffuser will help spread (diffuse) the light from your LED strip, usually to promote an even distribution of light.

Havit Commercial - Corner Aluminium Profile 16x16mm in Silver/Black/White Havit Commercial - HCP-42X1616
  LED Profile Slimline Square Deep Large IP20 Black Havit Lighting - HV9693-6070-BLK Diffuser To Suit HV9693-1707 Aluminium Profile in Black Havit Lighting - HV9693-1707-BLKSD-LED Profile-Havit Lighting-SKU:HV9693-1707-BLKSD - The Lighting Outlet


LED Extrusions

The most common question we receive is whether you need a profile to mount an LED strip. If your LED strip has an adhesive backing and you are mounting on to a flat, non-porous surface, a profile is optional. However, in most other circumstances a profile (also known as an extrusion is essential to safely secure the light in the desired space and give a professional finish. For more information on the merits of profile vs adhesive strips, please refer to our installation guide here.

Choosing an LED profile

When purchasing your profile, it’s critical that you consider the following factors:

  1. Size

    First, check the dimensions of your LED strip, focusing first on the width but also the height. Match these with the inner dimensions of the aluminium profile. You will want a relatively tight fit to avoid dark spots and ensure that the diffuser is fully illuminated.

    The length of your profile should be the same as your strip. You can cut strip profiles however we only recommend doing this yourself if you are confident in your abilities and have the right tools.

  2. Material

    Most profiles are made from extruded aluminium, hence the name LED extrusion. A couple of other common options include polycarbonate, often used for clear profiles, and stainless steel.

    If possible, avoid using an IP rating above 54 for your strip, as higher ratings can cause the LED strip to overheat and burn out. If you are using water-resistant strips, look at an IP65 Aluminium profile.

  3. Design

    There are a wide range of profiles on available to suit the room’s aesthetic. This includes options where the profile itself is hidden into the wall or ceiling, so that the strip lies flush as well as flat and corner extrusions. 

Top LED extrusion picks

For recommendations bespoke to your space, our team will be able to advise however we have selected some of our favourite LED extrusions below. 

  1. Standard, square profile

  2. Suspended/ hanging strip

  3. Corner LED channel

  4. Recessed LED strips

  5. Curved/ flexible profile


Once you have selected your strip and profile, consider if you’d like a diffuser to help distribute the light from your strip. Diffusers are a popular addition to strip set-ups.

Diffusers are sometimes included with your LED profile, but more commonly will need to be purchased separately. This is to allow maximum flexibility for the design and aesthetics of your strip lights.

When choosing a diffuser, it’s critical to check the compatibility. For example, certain Havit diffusers are only compatible with certain Havit profiles. This is typically displayed in the product information, as below:


If you are unsure, it is worth checking with customer care to avoid extra returns and delays.


Drivers are essential for LED strips. If purchasing a strip kit, these will be included however for most strip lights, these will be sold separately. Drivers not only perform the essential function of converting the power supply to the right voltage and current, but they can also provide additional protection against short-circuiting, overloading and preventing flicking lights. 

We highly recommend investing in a quality driver from a trusted brand, ensuring that it meets the requirements of your LED strip.

Custom strips

LED strips provide a huge range of flexibility in terms of style and application but the choice can be overwhelming. This is why we offer a custom LED strips service so that our team can help guide you through this process and choose the right parts for your space or project. To start a custom quote, complete the form here and we’ll get back to you to discuss your options.

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉

Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉