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Guide To Smart LED Strips

Fiona Mellink

In this we'll cover an intro to smart LED strips: what they are, our top tips for buying and installing smart strips, as well as answer to lots of common questions. 

What are smart LED strips?

A smart light is any light that can be controlled without using a wall switch, and it’s the same for smart LED strips. They can be connected and controlled via a wifi network, such as through a phone on your app, smart/ voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant etc), or even from another appliance in your house. Smart strips typically contain a chip that enables them to communicate with other devices, however they may also have an external microcontroller.

Are all strip lights smart?

Not all strip lights are smart however, if you have a standard strip light, you may be able to convert it to be controlled wirelessly by making some modifications, such as adding a micro controller. This varies depending on your lights and the technology available so we recommend researching this fully before trying to convert your lights.

What are the best smart LED strip brands?

Two of the most popular smart LED strip brands globally are Philipps Hue and Govee. While both provide quality LED strip lighting, they are not the only two options on the market. There is now a vast range of high-quality LED strip lighting available in Australia, including from top Australian brands. 

We recommend brands such as Havit, SAL, Eglo, Vencha and Brilliant Lighting as the best options for smart LED strips. These provide excellent value for money and are highly reputable, trusted providers. 

Different brands have slightly different options when it comes to LED strips so it’s worth researching the products in detail to establish what will best suit your needs. If you need advice when choosing a smart LED strip, you can contact our team who will be able to assist.

How do I mount smart LED strips?

Installing smart strips follows the same mounting process as a standard LED strip, but there are a few additional steps needed once your lights are connected to the control unit and power supply. Follow our LED strip set-up guide here for the best way to prepare and mount your strips. 

How do I set-up or configure LED strips?

Once your smart strips are safely mounted, you will need to take a few additional actions, and these will vary slightly depending on how you plan to control your lights, and whether your lights are smart out of the box but will follow the same guiding process:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  2. If required, download the app to the device that you will use to control the lights, e.g. your phone 
  3. Pair the lights with your phone or smart home device
  4. Configure the strip in the app

Why are smart strips so popular? 

The chances are that the smart LED strips you’ve noticed are the really eye-catching ones, but they aren’t just a pretty face, and the best thing about strip lighting is the flexibility. Some of the most useful features and applications of smart strip lights are:

  • Sensor-based automation, such as lighting up a hallway as you walk down it
  • Voice-controlled lighting to turn off and on, dim, or change the colour of the lights

Both smart and standard LED strips are incredibly popular due to their ease of installation and the huge variety of applications for indoor and outdoor use.

Can I control my LED strip from my phone? 

Smart LED strips can be controlled from your phone via an app. The app you need will typically be specified by your smart light or smart lighting system, and should be detailed in your product information such as this Quick Start Guide from SAL Lighting which includes QR codes to download their compatible app from the Apple and Play store.

You will also find some apps that are compatible with multiple different smart light providers, enabling you to connect more of your lighting up to control at once.

Smart LED strips can also be controlled by voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri, as well as remotes, tablets and other wireless devices.

What are addressable LED strips?

Addressable LED strips are considered as smart lights but are unique in that each light on the LED strip can be individually controlled, providing almost unlimited customisation options. They have became increasingly popular as a source of accent or decorative lighting in homes as well as commercial properties.

Ready to jump in and order smart LED strips? Discover our strip lighting range online, or get a quote for custom LED strips to light up your space.

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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

Every product discounted click here for a best deals! 🎉