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Best Ceiling Fans Australia - 2020/2021 Summer Review

Mitchell Elworthy

This ceiling fan reviews blog has been updated for the 2020/2021 summer and beyond. We've updated our article with some of the best ceiling fans Australia has seen (and yet to see) this summer season.

Not only will you find some of our top 5 ceiling fans but we also go into detail about some of our quietest ceiling fans, best outdoor ceiling fans and even the best dc fans to buy.

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- Our Top 5 Ceiling Fans 2021

- Best ceiling fan with light

- Quietest ceiling fan

Best DC ceiling fan

- Best outdoor ceiling fan (for salt air)

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With so many different wholesalers offering wide and diverse styles, the ceiling fan market is unbelievably competitive. The extensive range also comes with a wide price range.

Most ceiling fans will do the job in performance, however, it is good to note that there are certain aspects you will want to consider when buying. In this blog, we will justify where and where not to spend your hard-earned money to make sure you purchase the best ceiling fan.

In this ceiling fan review blog, we handpick the best ceiling fan for some common applications we continuously get asked.

TLO's Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans For This Summer

1. The Cabarita by Eglo Lighting

An installed cabarita ceiling fan in black
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • High-end ultra modern design
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor

View The Cabarita by Eglo

The Cabarita by Eglo Lighting is by far the best ceiling fan on the Australian market today. The simplicity and finish oozes high end and will increase value to your property as soon as it is installed. This fan is available in a 50" which will suit most applications, including bedrooms, living room and alfresco areas. The Cabarita is available in 4 different finishes to suit all styles and has a high air movement of 10,830 m³/hr. Eglo fans have the best reviews from our customers because their fans become a feature piece to any home. Eglo also has the best warranty on their fans with 3 years "In Home" warranty and 6 year motor warranty. This fan is on the top of the range for price however, they are worth every cent. Make the extra investment, you will not be disappointed.

2. The Bahama by Brilliant Lighting

The Bahama best ceiling fan installed in a home
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Australia's best selling fan for over 3 years
  • Smart technology, control via app or voice

View The Bahama by Brilliant

The Bahama by Brilliant Lighting has been our best seller for years. They have now improved the model even more by making it Bluetooth adaptable. This means you can easily download the Brilliant Smart App and control the fan from anywhere, set timers and even change the colour temperature of the light. The Bahama is an amazingly simple design. The timber is our favourite finish and our customers just love the result once installed in their homes. This fan is available in a light or no light option and is backed with a 3 year "In Home" warranty and 6-year motor warranty. Brilliant ceiling fan reviews are always strong, and they have decades of experience in creating great quality fans.

3. The Albatross by Martec

The Albatross top ceiling installed in a ceiling
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Statement piece 
  • Quiet DC motor

The Albatross by Martec

Since its release 2 years ago, The Albatross by Martec has been our most consistent seller due to its great price, performance and the statement it makes in any application. The Albatross fan is the best large ceiling fan we sell. Even though this is a large sized fan, it only uses 35W of power making it very efficient to run throughout the hot summer months. This fan is also backed with a 3 year "In Home" warranty and 3-year motor warranty. This large ceiling fan is perfect for large living areas including alfrescos.

4. The Noosa by Eglo

The best Noosa wooden ceiling fan
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Minimalist timeless design
  • Built in tri colour technology LED light

View The Noosa by Eglo

The Noosa by Eglo is one of the most popular DC ceiling fans in Australia. To say it has hit the ground running since its release a couple of years ago is an understatement. The factories simply could not make this fan quick enough to keep up with the demand. This fan offers a real point of difference with the style and variety of sizes and finished available suiting any application you may have in mind. Backed by a 3-year in home warranty, The Noosa is higher in price but excellent value due to the great quality.

5. The Nevis by Eglo

The top 5 Nevis ceiling fan in black installed in a house
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Worldwide known brand
  • Suit any application

View The Nevis by Eglo

The Nevis by Eglo is greatest value for money from our range of ceiling fans. The Nevis is around $200 less than most of above, yet still offers the simple and sleek modern look many people are after in their homes. Like the rest of the fans on this list, the Nevis is a DC ceiling fan. This means they run on half the power an AC ceiling fan would and are much quieter to the point you can't even hear them running. If you are looking to buy a ceiling fan for your home, then make the investment for a DC fan like the Nevis. It is available in matt black or matt white, with the LED light as an option. The Nevis fan is backed by a 3-year "In Home" warranty and a further 3-year motor warranty. If you encounter any issues, Eglo will organise to fix or replace within the first 3 years of installation.

Best Ceiling fans with light

The Vantage by Martec

The best ceiling fan with light, the vantage ceiling with light installed
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Bright 20w CCT LED light
  • Great bang for your buck

View The Vantage by Martec

The Vantage by Martec is an extremely popular ceiling fan with light this season. Perfect for the dining room, living areas and bedrooms, the Vantage comes with an energy efficient CCT (Colour Changing Temperature) LED light that can be adjusted using the included remote. With it’s modern designer look and impressive performance, it is quite possibly our favourite bedroom ceiling fan, and based on the overwhelming response from our customers, they think so too.

The Razor by Martec

The popular razor ceiling with light installed
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Super bright oyster light attached 
  • Unobtrusive low profile to ceiling 

View The Razor by Martec

The Razor by Martec is an oyster light and ceiling fan all in one. If you want extra light output from your ceiling fan light, the Razor is for you. This fan has a 28w LED panel at 2000 lumens which can be adjusted to 3 different colour temperatures to suit your needs. The fan itself has a super slim profile, allowing the light to have a wide angle output and avoid shadowing into the corners of your room.


With simple and sleek plywood blades, this fan has proven itself to perform well since Martec began selling it 5 years ago. Backed by a 3 year "In Home" warranty, this fan is a no brainer if you want an uncomplicated design and high light output for your home.

Quietest Ceiling Fan

The Trinidad by Mercator

The Ultra quiet ceiling fan - The Trinidad installed in a room
  • ABS blades designed to maximise air flow with minimal noise output
  • 2 Year In home Warranty
  • Ultra modern design

View The Trinidad by Mercator

The Trinidad by Mercator is so quiet it’s almost silent. This fan is extremely energy efficient, only using 30w of power with 52"blades. The Trinidad has been a proven seller for The Lighting Outlet for 4 seasons now and we expect that to continue due to its very contemporary design.


This fan is packed with features and options to suit any space. The included remote allows you adjust between 6 speed settings available. The Trinidad comes in 4 different finish distributors in Australia and back this fan with 2 year “In Home” Warranty for your piece of mind.

Best DC Ceiling Fan

The Noosa by Eglo

Our best dc ceiling fan - The Noosa
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Timeless look with sweeping blades
  • You get what you pay for, superb quality 

View The Noosa by Eglo

While we have already mentioned it, The Noosa by Eglo  is too good to go past for the best DC ceiling fan just because it is so versatile. With 6 different finishes such as matt white, matt black, bamboo/white, teak/black or aged elm/black, and 52"or 60" The Noosa will suit almost every application. A CCT colour changing LED output will light up all settings easily. The Noosa not only ticks all the boxes, but simply looks the best with the sweeping slick blades that scream high quality.

Eglo Lighting are a worldwide company producing over 80,000 products a day. When you buy a Eglo product you know you are buying a product which has been vigorously tested and designed to last.

Best Outdoor Fans (for salt air)

The Precision by Martec

Our top outdoor ceiling fan - The Precision
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Martec brand backed

View The Precision by Martec

The Precision by Martec is one of few 316 marine grade stainless steel fans which will hold up in the most harsh salt air environments. If maintained and looked after well, this fan will last 10 years or more. You can maintain the quality of this fan by using WD40 and wiping down the blades every 6-12 months to leave a protective coating. You could also look at the marine grade rejuvenation kit from our store.

The Nevis by Eglo

The Nevis - Best outdoor ceiling fan installed outside
  • 3 Year In home Warranty
  • Worldwide company Eglo
  • Polycarbonate plastic so the blades will not corrode

View The Nevis by Eglo

The Nevis by Eglo is a great looking fan which will hold up in outdoor environments well. This fan is made up of poly-carbonate plastic, so the blades will not corrode. We strongly recommended to never use plywood blades outdoors as they will not last. The Nevis has the option for a light in white and black models. A remote is included which can be handy for outdoor use and has a timer which is useful as well.

Things To Consider To Ensure You Get The Best Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

The Lighting Outlets favourite ceiling fan brands are Martec, Mercator, Ventair and Eglo fans. If you are looking for a quality ceiling fan, buying from a quality brand is key.

We highly recommend NOT purchasing from cheap retailers, as you will get what you pay for. The brands mentioned above will always have a minimum of 2 years “In-Home Warranty”. This means if anything were, by chance, to go wrong they will have someone come out and fix, or replace the fan free of cost. So have peace of mind that the slight extra money you are spending will be insurance.  


Some companies, for some odd reason are moving back to AC ceiling fans over DC Ceiling fans

This is backwards thinking as AC ceiling fans consumes more energy and burn out quicker. Yet the biggest problem of all is the annoying ticking noise that attributes after a year of use. Try and sleep without that keeping you awake at night!

We highly recommend choosing DC, as they are better for the environment, have more speed functions, and are much quieter.


The beauty of today's market is that there are so many different styles of ceiling fans, so many colours, textures, sizes and finishes. Choose a fan that compliments your décor, particularly with matching the textures and colours.


Fan blades come in many different finishes, such as plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, timber and plywood. Each don’t have too much difference in the movement of air, yet plywood and plastic are definitely the quietest, with stainless steel being very loud. If you are in an area with salt air, then you should look to use an 

ABS ceiling fan (plastic) as they will hold up much longer and not corrode. 


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