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Best Ceiling Fans Australia 2019

Mitchell Elworthy

With so many different wholesalers offering wide and diverse styles, the ceiling fan market is unbelievably competitive. Popular variants consist of timber fans,designer fanstraditional fansmodern fans, outdoor fans, coastal fanswall fansmetal fansABS plastic fansLED ceiling fansDC ceiling fans and AC ceiling fans. This extensive range also comes with a widespread* price range. Most ceiling fans will do the job in performance, however it is good to note that there are certain aspects you will want to consider when buying. In this blog we will justify where and where not to spend your hard earned money on your next ceiling fan.

Best Brands

The Lighting Outlets favourite ceiling fan brands are Martec fansMercator fansBrilliant fansVentair fans, and most recently Eglo fans. Their newly released range is sure to be a hot mover this summer. If you are looking for a quality ceiling fan, buying from a quality brand is key. We highly recommend NOT purchasing from cheap retailers, as you will get what you pay for. The brands mentioned above will always have a minimum 2 years “In Home Warranty”. This means if anything were, by chance, to go wrong they will have someone come out and fix, or replace the fan free of cost. So have peace of mind that the slight extra money you are spending will be an insurance.  


Some companies for some odd reason are moving back to AC fans over DC. This is backwards thinking as AC consumes more energy and burn out quicker. Yet the biggest problem of all is the annoying ticking noise that attributes after a year of use. Try and sleep without that keeping you awake at night! We highly recommend choosing DC as they are better for the environment, have more speed functions, and are much quieter.

Style: The beauty of today's market is that there are so many different style of ceiling fans, so many colours, textures, sizes and finishes. Choose a fan that compliments your décor, particularly with matching the textures and colours.

Blades: Fan blades come in many different finishes, such as plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, timber and plywood. Each don’t have too much difference in the movement of air, yet plywood and plastic are definitely the quietest, with stainless steel being very loud. If you are in an area with salt air, then you should look to use an ABS ceiling fan (plastic) as they will hold up much longer and not corrode. 

Here are The Lighting Outlets Favourite Ceiling Fans & Why 

  1. Albatross DC 1800mm 72" Ceiling Fan by Martec

This fan has been immensely popular since its release last year and has even trickled through the winter sales as well. If you are looking to make a statement with your ceiling fan then this is it! The albatross comes in a 72” and in an 84”, which is much larger than the standard 52” most rooms will have. This fan ticks all the boxes with its great air movement, style and design from a quality wholesaler Martec.

  1. Trinidad III 1300mm 52” DC Ceiling Fan By Mercator

The Trinidad ceiling fan has made its way to the top of the market due to its ultra-modern style and affordable price. This ceiling fan is DC and comes in 8 different models with 4 different finishes. The model we see our customers loving the most is the all black ceiling fan, which screams high end, typically more around that $1000 mark.

  1. Bahama 1320mm 52" DC Ceiling Fan By Brilliant Lighting

Tropically rated, with Brilliant’s All-Seasons technology for use all year round, the Bahama has been a long standing customer favourite. This 52” ceiling fan can be installed under any outdoor area that is not exposed to weather, or simply just around the house. This ceiling fan has the minimalist and natural design look. This fan certainly has the looks, but it also brings great performance, which is why The Lighting Outlet highly advocates this ceiling fan every summer. It is your standard 52” size fan that will comfortably fit most rooms in the house. The Bahama runs on DC power at 32w, which will be extremely efficient on your power bill.

  1. Cruise 1300mm 52" Ceiling Fan By Martec Lighting

The Cruise ceiling fan by Martec has a modern look our customers love, achieving that designer appeal at an affordable price. The Cruise ceiling fan comes in a full body polycarbonate, giving it that soft sleek texture. This fan is available in white, silver and black. We are expecting this fan do very well this summer at the attractive price of around $190.

  1. Seagull 56" DC Ceiling Fan By Eglo Lighting

The Seagull ceiling fan by Eglo is fresh off the container and has attributed immense interest over the course of just a few weeks. We think it is sure to take off this summer. This fan offers a sweeping blade look, which not only moves more air but also gives you that simple modern architectural look. Eglo are a worldwide company who are offering a 3 year “In Home Warranty” and a 6 year motor warranty. So sit back and know you have purchased a quality European designed fan that will last the distance.

  1. Elite Fans By Martec 

The Lighting Outlet has done very well in a short amount of time with Martec’s latest release of the Elite ceiling fan. Overwhelmingly, we’ve received responses of customer satisfaction that note the fans quality and finish. We can only assume this is because the fan resembles a product in the price range of $400 – $600, yet is sold at a fraction of that price.
At The Lighting Outlet, we have found over the past 12 months customers are researching and wanting more than just your standard white or silver fan. They want something that looks stylish with their room design, whilst not having to break their bank. The Elite fan allows customers to do this. It comes in six different models, and one even provides the option of an LED light.

Again, Martec trust this product as it also holds a three year “In Home Warranty”. So install, sit back and be pleased to know you have peace of mind in making an excellent choice.

  1. The City Ceiling Fan By Mercator 

The City ceiling fan by Mercator did really well for The Lighting Outlet last summer due to its simple but unique design. This is one of the first fans we recommend to our customers as it will suit almost any decor with that designer look. The City is a 35w DC ceiling fan that has 6 different speed options.  The city ceiling fan is tropically rated so you can use in all applications including alfresco areas. 



  1. The Eagle Now Also In Extra Large By Mercator

The Eagle fan by Mercator has been The Lighting Outlets biggest fan sold by far. It has been on the market for 3 years now and is constantly going out of stock. The manufacturers simply can't make them quick enough due to customers loving its attractive and modern design. The Eagle ceiling fan runs on DC, meaning it is extra efficient in not only performance but also in saving household energy. This fan also has a 6 speed option with a remote control included. The Eagle has done so well they have now boosted the range by offering it in a rubbed bronze and an extra-large 66" version. We are finding customers are really going for the 66” this year as it is a bold statement piece. 

  1. The DC Cardiff Ceiling Fan By Mercator

The Cardiff DC ceiling fan is one of Mercator’s latest releases to the market. It is sure to be hit with its designer look and old school price. With the Cardiff being a DC fan you will not get the annoying ticking noise after a year or two, your energy consumption is saved by 70% and you have greater options with a 5 speed function and included timer. The Cardiff DC ceiling fan is not only attractive in price but also has a nice simple look that will suit most decors. This ceiling fan by Australia's leading fan manufacturer Mercator, is by far the best overall value for money.




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