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Best DIY Lighting Products

Mitchell Elworthy June 23, 2023 at 6:22 am

Lighting is a vital component of every living or working area, but it does not have to be dull or expensive to serve its purpose. In point of fact, all you need is a little ingenuity and some simple equipment to make your very own one-of-a-kind lighting solutions. These solutions will not only enlighten the area you are working in, but they will also convey who you are as a person and the aesthetic you gravitate towards. We've got you covered with our top 10 plug-and-play lighting devices that are suitable for every skill level, so whether you're a DIY expert or a beginner, we've got you covered with these products. Our variety of lighting items, which range from the practicality of solar-powered wall lights and LED sensor spotlights to the adaptability of festoon lights and LED strip lights, is sure to provide you with the motivation you need to turn your environment into something truly remarkable. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, grab some tools, and let's get started on building some genuinely wonderful lighting solutions that you can make yourself! These do-it-yourself lighting items are not only simple to set up, but they also provide an affordable option to working without a professional electrician and have the potential to reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly energy bills over time.

All of these products are in no particular order feel free to use the glossary below to skip to your application.


DIY 30w Sensor LED Double Spot Light Adjustable Tri Colour Havit Lighting

Are you looking for a lighting solution that is simple to install and does not require the assistance of a professional? Do not look any farther than our most recent development, the pinnacle of do-it-yourself lighting solutions! It won't take you long to get our product up and running thanks to our product's simple plug-and-play installation, which eliminates the need for cumbersome sensors and intricate wiring. Our product is built to last, with UV-resistant polycarbonate black and an IP65 classification that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Because of these features, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, making it an extremely versatile product. You will always have the ideal level of illumination available whenever you require it thanks to the sensor's 120° detection angle and up to 10m detection range. You may also quickly modify the settings to your preference using the provided remote control as well as the manual override. In addition, our TRI colour, 2x 15w built-in LED offers a lighting experience that is both energy-efficient and will continue to function for many years to come. You can be confident that you are making a sound investment in a user-friendly and dependable product when it comes with a warranty that covers replacement for three years.


  • Home security: Outside sensor spotlights dissuade burglars. The motion sensor turns on the lighting to make it harder for someone to sneak up.
  • Driveway or garage lighting: An outdoor sensor spotlight may light a driveway or garage in the dark.
  • Pathway lighting: An outside sensor spotlight may illuminate a route, making nighttime walking safer.
  • Outdoor entertaining: A sensor spotlight can set the tone for patios, decks, and gardens.

Price (RRP): $79.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

DIY LED 4 Foot Outdoor Batten Light IP65 in Double or Single T8 Tubes With DIY Plug

We've got you covered if you're searching for an extremely bright simple lighting improvement that doesn't need hiring an electrician to complete the job for you. These double batten light fixtures are the perfect answer for modernising vintage fluorescent tube fittings with bright cool light, and they are available at a price that is extremely affordable. This product is completely plug and play, and it even comes with an Australian plug; all you have to do is follow the supplied instructions to screw it into place, and then you can enjoy the enhanced lighting. This premium LED fitting is made from a material that is weatherproof and has an IP65 rating. It is designed to last up to four times longer than typical fluorescent tubes, and it uses a substantial amount less power. In addition, because it emits white light and has a beam angle of 120 degrees, you won't need to be concerned about any glare or halo effect that might be disruptive to your surroundings. And just in case you still need more persuading, this item comes with a three-year replacement warranty, so you can buy it with complete confidence.


  • Garage: A 4-foot LED batten light can illuminate a garage evenly, making auto repairs and other chores easier.
  • Warehouse: A 4-foot LED batten light can illuminate a big warehouse with bright, energy-efficient illumination, making it easier to see and manoeuvre.
  • Workshop: A 4-foot LED batten light illuminates workbenches and tool storage spaces, letting you see what you're doing and find what you need.
  • Retail Store: A 4-foot LED batten light illuminates merchandise and creates a welcome ambience in a retail store.
  • Office: A 4-foot LED batten light can brighten a big office and boost productivity with energy-efficient illumination.

Price (RRP): $69.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

10 or 20m Festoon Lights Kit LED Option, Filament Bulbs Included Outdoor DIY Plug & Play

Do you wish to imbue your outdoor environment with a sense of mystery and enchantment? You need not look any further than this chic selection of multipurpose festoon lights. These lights are the ideal do-it-yourself lighting solution since they can be strung up outside, wrapped around tables, or hung from the ceiling with ease to produce an ambience that is warm and inviting. These lights are made from long-lasting PVC and are not only practical but also decorative. Because of this, they are an excellent option for improving the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor area. Festoon lights are ideal for establishing a mood and producing a mystical ambience since they allow many sets to be strung together and include ambient bulbs that emit a pleasant glow. These festoon lights come equipped with clear 25w or LED 2w filament elegant round globes, and you have the option of selecting between 10 or 20-meter lengths to cater to your preferences and requirements. You can also relax and take pleasure in your festoon lights because both the festoon cable and the LED globes come with a warranty that is valid for two years.


  • Outdoor Dining Areas: Festoon lighting makes outdoor eating spaces appealing for restaurants, cafés, and bars.
  • Wedding Receptions: Festoon lighting creates a pleasant, romantic atmosphere at wedding celebrations.
  • Rooftop Bars: Festoon lighting makes rooftop bars snug and private, excellent for chatting and resting.
  • Festivals & Fairs: Festoon lighting is ideal for outdoor festivals and fairs because it creates a joyful and joyous mood.
  • Gardens and Patios: Festoon lighting adds beauty and character to outdoor gardens and patios, providing a warm and welcome setting for resting and partying.

Price (RRP): $79.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Solar Dusk To Dawn Sensor LED Outdoor Wall Light Polycarbonate Rust Proof PL-Stellar

Need a versatile, eco-friendly outdoor lighting solution? This sensor-equipped solar light is brilliant and durable. This robust polycarbonate fitting will illuminate any space with 300 lumens. Best part? This solar-powered lamp saves 100% on energy while providing bright, steady lighting.

DIY design makes mounting easy with just two screws. The dusk-to-dawn sensor turns the light on at night at 15 lumens and switches to maximum brightness (300 lumens) when motion is detected within 5 metres and 90 degrees. This solar light is perfect for outdoor spaces with 10x0.5W LED bulbs and a 3.7V 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Why not test it today and experience the ease and energy savings?


  • Garden walls and fences: Solar wall lights may illuminate your garden border and brighten your outdoor environment.
  • Front porch or entryway: Solar wall lights give a friendly touch and make it easier to view your front door in the dark.
  • Patio or deck: Solar wall lights provide a warm, inviting ambience on your patio or deck.
  • Driveways and paths: Solar wall lights may illuminate your driveway or pathways, helping you see and keeping your property safe.
  • Stairways and steps: Solar wall lights may illuminate your home's stairs and steps, decreasing the danger of falls and injuries.

RRP Price From $53.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Flame Mini LED Deck Light DIY Kit (6 Pack) 3K/6K Havit Lighting - HV2826C, HV2826W

DIY lighting is a fun and inexpensive way to personalise your house or garden. Installing lights should be simple. FLAME Homemade tiny deck light kit.

This LED plug-and-play kit is great for decks and outdoor spaces that need unobtrusive yet attractive illumination. This kit is a long-term investment due to its tiny size and cheap running expenses. The stainless steel 316 marine grade structure and built-in LED chip give adequate lighting. This kit is easy to install. DIY plugs make installing the lights straightforward. Plug-and-play with 2 x 1.5m cords per light and an IP67 fitting/IP66 LED driver.

FLAME DIY tiny deck light kit comprises six deck lights, an IP66 LED driver, and a 4m extension. A 3-year replacement warranty gives you peace of mind. The FLAME DIY tiny deck light kit is a simple, elegant, and economical solution to illuminate your deck or outdoor space.


  • Decks: Deck lights are often used to brighten decks. To create a cosy ambience, put these lights on the deck surface or posts.
  • Stairs: Deck lights make steps safer and simpler to climb at night. Deck lights on each stair riser provide modest but effective lighting.
  • Pathways: Deck lights may illuminate walkways to your deck or patio. Deck lights along the pathway provide attractive and useful lighting.
  • Garden: Deck lights illuminate flower beds, trees, and plants. Create a magical landscape by carefully installing deck lights.
  • Deck lights may create a comfortable outdoor seating space on a balcony or patio. Deck lights around your seating area offer a warm, inviting ambience for resting and entertaining.

RRP Price From $288.38*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Carlton DIY Batten Fix Ceiling Light in Black/Copper, Black/Silver, Black/Gold or White/Gold

Batten fixes may add flair to house lighting without breaking the bank. Our lighting specialists' Carlton series offers an attractive, easy-to-install batten fix. View our full range of batten fix styles here.

Geometric cutouts on the Carlton batten fix shade give aesthetic appeal to any decor. This DIY model fits a bayonet batten fixture with two screws and comes in four designs and finishes. Laser-cut steel makes the shade durable and attractive.

Batten fixes are versatile. Our DIY batten fixes collection comprises over 50 models for any application, from modern to classic, we have all styles covered. This batten fix fits several places at 290 mm tall and 205 mm wide.

To fit your home's decor, choose from black/copper, black/silver, black/gold, and white/honey gold. Why wait? Start styling your home lighting with the Carlton batten fix from The Lighting Outlet today.


  • Bedrooms: depending on globe wattage and beam angle, batten mount lights can offer ambient or task lighting.
  • Living rooms: batten fix lights can be used to produce ambient lighting or stacked with floor and table lamps.
  • Hallways: Batten fix lights may brighten hallways and provide a welcome entryway.
  • Kitchens: batten fix lights can illuminate the sink, cooking area, or entire kitchen.

RRP Price From $89.95*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Gypsy Fabric Cord Set with Plug 3000mm in Black

Searching for a cheap, stylish solution to improve your home lighting? One of our most popular DIY products is this plug-and-play pendant lamp.

The 300cm cloth chord lets you utilise this pendant light in any room. Its sleek black tone complements many décor types.

This pendant light's non-electrical installation is a plus. Plug it in and go. Pair this DIY pendant light with a decorative E27 globe and level up your ambience. You can pick the proper brightness and colour temperature. It's a simple method to update your house lighting without complicated installation or wiring.

This DIY plug-and-play pendant lamp adds flair and atmosphere to your house now.


  • Kitchen island: A DIY plug-and-play pendant lamp is ideal for kitchen island illumination. It fits your décor and is straightforward to install.
  • Dining room: Pendant lights are attractive and useful. Homemade plug-and-play pendant lights let you customise your aesthetic.
  • Living room: A plug-and-play pendant lamp may create a nice reading area or provide general lighting. It highlights key portions of the space and is straightforward to install.
  • Bedroom: A Homemade plug-and-play pendant light may illuminate and personalise your bedroom. It highlights reading nooks and dressing tables.
  • Entryway: A pendant light may make your doorway seem friendly. DIY plug-and-play pendant lights let you match your home's design and make a distinctive first impression.

RRP Price From $53.56*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

San Peri wall light With Flex & Plug

Looking for a simple and economical method to add beauty and atmosphere to your home lighting? Homemade plug-and-play wall lights are ideal.

This wall light can be easily installed by a bed or work area, and features a flex and plug with inline switch for easy operation. It works with an E27 A60 globe (not supplied) to provide your environment the optimum brightness and colour temperature.

This black steel DIY wall lamp adds flair to any area. Its in-line switch makes turning it on and off effortless.

This DIY plug-and-play wall lamp is a great cost effective solution to and application and adds flair and atmosphere to your house now. It's a quick method to update your house lighting.


  • Living room: A Homemade plug-and-play wall light adds ambience and style to a living room.
  • Bedroom: Wall lights may be utilised as bedside lights for reading and relaxation.
  • Hallway: Wall lights decorate and illuminate a hallway.
  • Bathroom: A DIY plug-and-play wall light above the bathroom mirror provides adequate brightness for grooming and adds style.
  • Kitchen: Under-cabinet wall lights provide task illumination for food preparation and ambience.

Price (RRP): $139.00*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

Helios Solar LED Batten Light With PIR Sensor 18w in White

This product has recently become our best selling DIY product, the Helios Solar LED Batten. Solar batten lights are practical and affordable. Its tremendous brightness and easy installation have made it one of our best-selling items for six months. This lamp is IP65 weatherproof.

It has an 18w solar panel and a 4m connecting line for easy placement in the sun. Energy-efficient, it works for 8 hours and charges for 12. PIR sensor and remote control add brightness, on/off, and timer options.

Outdoor spaces are well-lit by the 110 beam angle and 1850lm lumens. The 600mm-long, 71.5mm-wide, and 73.5mm-tall Helios Solar LED Batten is straightforward to install. The solar panel is 665mm by 170mm. This solar batten light is a practical, energy-efficient, and high-performing outdoor lighting option.


  • Carports: Solar batten lights may illuminate carports at night, making it simpler to park and move vehicles.
  • Camping: This light is super practical to take away camping and never have to worry about having ample light. 
  • Patios: Solar batten lights offer a warm, welcoming ambience for outdoor eating, hosting friends, or resting in the evening on patios.
  • Garages: Solar batten lights illuminate automobiles and work spaces in garages, making it simpler to find tools and equipment.
  • Outdoor Walkways: Solar batten lights can illuminate outdoor pathways including garden walks and front walkways at night.

Price (RRP): $189.99*

*Price may have changed at time of reading

SMART RGBCW LED Strip Kit 7.2w 5m Havit Lighting - VPR9752IP54-72-5M

Our DIY LED strip light kits make it easy and affordable to improve your house or business. These DIY lighting systems are straightforward to install and don't need electricians. Plug the driver into the wall, apply the LED strip to a surface using the double-sided tape, and you're done.

The TUYA APP controls our 5m VIPER RGBCW LED strip kit, which is multifunctional. This LED strip kit offers brilliant, energy-efficient lighting at 7.2w per metre. The package includes a receiver, remote LED driver, and 3m of double-sided tape for installation.

The 12-mm-by-3-mm LED strip has 72 LED chips per metre with cutting increments of 125mm. 240v AC powers the LED driver, while 12v DC powers the LED strip. The LED strip is IP54, whereas the driver is IP20. A 3-year replacement warranty gives you peace of mind. Our LED strip light kits let you get creative and save on installation.


  • Accent lighting: LED strip lights are ideal for accenting artwork, sculptures, and architectural aspects.
  • Under cabinet lighting: Low-glare LED strip lights may be simply put below kitchen cabinets to brighten countertops and workplaces.
  • Cove lighting: LED strip lights in coves generate dramatic up-lighting that adds depth and intrigue.
  • Backlighting: LED strip lights may backlight TV displays and signs for a contemporary effect.
  • Outdoor lighting:LED strip lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient for decks, patios, and walkways.

Price (RRP): $126.01*

*Price may have changed at time of reading


LED Strip Lights are a great way to light up any space as they give off a tailored custom look which is unmatched by any other type of lighting. LED strips are extremely versatile, they are long-lasting on average 50,000 hours and use very little power for the light output. LED strip lighting is definitely worth the effort and investment in every way. Please get in touch with us if you require any assistance or help, click the link here to get started on a quotation today and if you are in the Sydney area please come in and check out our massive LED display.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Plug-and-play DIY lights?

DIY plug and play lights don't require an electrician to install. Plug these lights in and utilise them.

What DIY plug-and-play lights are available?

String lights, spotlights, batten lights, fairy lights, pathway lights, and floodlights are plug-and-play lights. These lights come in many forms, sizes, and colours and may be used indoors and outdoors.

How can I install DIY lights?

Installing DIY plug-and-play lights may require a screwdriver, pliers, level, and drill. Depending on the light and location, you'll require different tools.

DIY lights have what advantages?

Plug & play lights are easy to install, don't require electrical expertise, and are adaptable.

How do I install DIY plug and play lights?

Plug-and-play lights are simple to install. Before installing, check the manufacturer's instructions since certain lights may need extra hardware or equipment.

Can I use outdoor DIY lights?

Outdoor usage is possible with many plug-and-play lights. It's crucial to make sure the light is weatherproof for outdoor use.

What are some inventive ways to use DIY plug-and-play lights?

Plug and play lights may be used to decorate a bedroom or a garden party. They may also be used to highlight artwork or create a dramatic impact in a gloomy location.

How do I pick a DIY light?

Choose a plug-and-play light based on its location, function, and design. To meet your demands, evaluate the light's brightness and colour temperature.

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