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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Step Lights

Mitchell Elworthy

When buying step lights it can quickly become very confusing as there are loads of different types and considerations to make before buying. LED step lights are very under used in my opinion, when done right can majorly enhance the application, not to mention offer a safe light for stepping. LED stepping lights are very energy efficient with most being around the 1-2w which you will barely notice on your power bill.

There are many considerations to take before buying LED step lights and in this blog I will run through what points to look out for and then run through The Lighting Outlets most trusted step lights

Recessed or Surface Mounted - With some applications you are forced to choose surface mounted led steplights which means you avoid cutting holes in the wall and screw it straight to the surface which sometimes isn't there worst thing because later down the track you won't require to find the exact cut out size to replace in case that model is no longer available. Recessed LED steplights however do look more neat as they a flush with the wall, before purchasing i do recommend checking if it's possible to have recessed if it's not a fresh build. As for light output there is no real advantage it's just aesthetic.

Built in LED or Replaceable Globe - A lot of LED product nowadays are built in LED which means they are non replaceable, so once the light dies basically throw in the bin which isn't good the environment or you either because you will in most cases need to buy another and get an electrician to come back in to swap over, at this point that light may be discontinued in which it's impossible to replace the step light. With some led lighting products i can justify having the LED built in because they can make them perform better, by being brighter and making the light last longer with heat sinks inside the fitting, as for LED step lights there is no real difference because you don't require a high brightness. Lighting wholesalers are doing this on lighting because LED's last so long and that's there way round of getting you to come back and buy again in a few years. When buying anything I think practical and buying a light which has a globe which can always be replaced is a guarantee of it lasting longer. So when buying integrated LED products,  DO NOT buy cheap and nasty, buy only from high quality brands in which that light will be around if one does fail, ask the question how long has this light been in production, if the light has been around for years then there is a good chance it will be in a few more. 

IP Rating - IP Rating tells you what environments it will suit so anything with a IP20 needs to be indoors or well protected. Anything with an IP44 or IP54 is pretty well sealed but if you are after water and dust tight seal then go with a IP65 or IP67. The IP rating is normally a very good indication on the quality of the light if it's IP65 or higher then know you have purchased a quality step light fixture. 

12v or 240v - Again I like to think practical here and 240v is much easier to install and cheaper because less components are needed to run, however 240v in wet applications particularly around pools will not suit. Some people think running 240v uses more power than 12v, this is 100% untrue, you are charged kilowatts per hour so it's the wattage of the light itself not the voltage. Running 12v led step lights which most require a low voltage driver which will be an extra cost however you can normally get one driver big enough to run all the outdoor steplights. Overall in lighting if you can choose 240v then do so. 

Colour Temperature - Colour temperatures are a vital choice as it will change the whole application. In most cases you will want to match the existing lighting around the step lights. Warm white 3000k steplights are the most calming mood colour for ambience and are great for outdoor areas. Cool white 4000k - 5000k are typically suited for a more practical solution as you can see the area more clearer to walk where you need to go safely.  

Material - Choosing the right material for you environment is very important if they are to last. If you are in a salty environment such as 15kms within a beach or have a saltwater pool, look at purchasing a 316 marine grade stainless steel, solid copper or brass fitting, anything other than these will corrode and you will will replacing within a few years. If you live outside of these areas you can look at a 304 stainless steel or aluminium.

Now you should have everything you need to know about buying LED indoor & outdoor step lights, now we will run over our proven high performing sellers.

Pure LED 12v or 240v LED Step light - This great little surface mounted steplight comes in either a matt black or 316 stainless steel finish. Both of this finishes will hold up as the matt black is a high quality powder coating and the 316 marine grade stainless steel finish will fight off corrosion and rust. The IP rating is 65 which is nearly as good as it gets so now water or dust will penetrate. These LED step lights are integrated with the choice of having warm white 3000k, cool white 4000k or daylight 5500k all by just flicking the switch inside the light fixture. This light has been in production now for over 5 years and has a timeless look so have the peace of mind knowing this light is the highest quality and will be around for as long as you need it. 

LED Outdoor Spep Light Fixture

Click here to view further information on these step lights.

 Stylez LED Step Light in Brass or Stainless Steel Havit Lighting -  This outdoor surface mounted steplight has it all superb quality and a architectural look. As you can see in the image below they have that minimalist look that is very in at the moment. This light has a IP65 which is very high which means water and dust will not enter this light. The Stylez comes in a 316 marine grade stainless steel , brass and antique brass and with all these finishes they will not corrode like an 304 stainless or aluminium.   

Click here to view further information on these step lights.

Recessed LED indoor or outdoor step light by Havit Lighting - Again we have chosen a Havit Lighting product because they simply tick all the boxes with the timeless architectural look and long lasting LED included. This model is a recessed step light and it's best feature is that the LED sits back into the fitting giving no glare at all which most led step lights do. I always say having pools of light which is hidden creates much more mood and affect rather than a glaring light in your eyes. 

Click here to view further information on these step lights.

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