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Why To Buy Brilliant Lighting Products

MItchell Elworthy

The Lighting Outlet is excited to feature one our favourite and long-term suppliers, Brilliant Lighting. In this blog we’ll run through what Brilliant Lighting offers The Lighting Outlet, and most importantly our customers.

As a wholesaler, Brilliant Lighting is one of the leaders in Australia, letting both The Lighting Outlet and our customers know that every time their logo is seen on a product they’re in good hands. Yet Brilliant Lighting are known for even more than that, they are known for the large footprint they have made on the lighting and fan industry, making it what it is today. This is done with their constant innovative design of products, along with their continual product development, lowering our carbon footprint. This again reassures The Lighting Outlet and customers that with each updated product comes greater efficiency in all areas.

Brilliant Lighting have one of the largest ranges of products in Australia for lighting and air movement,making them desirable for the home DIY job, electricians, landscapers and lighting designers. Brilliant are never short on catering for all types of projects for all types of customers.

Brilliant Lighting have supported The Lighting Outlet from day one, we would not be in the position we are in now without them. We are very grateful to be selling the Brilliant brand, for the brand simply sells itself. With over 30 years experience in the lighting and fan industry, Brilliant is a familiar brand that customers can trust. They never fail to give profficent and swift follow up service, giving The Lighting Outlet great peace of mind knowing if something was to go wrong, Brilliant will assist to fix the problem. So make sure to know that with your next Brilliant Lighting purchase you’re not only investing in a quality product but a quality brand.

Here are 5 Brilliant products The Lighting Outlet just loves and why.

1.  Spectrum 19673/05 The Spectrum bluetooth downlight by Brilliant is our favourite product due to its value, ease of use and capabilities. This LED downlight is controlled via bluetooth on your IPhone or Android. It allows you to turn the light on and off from your phone, whilst still functioning regularly on the wall. Not only this, but you have control in choosing the colour temperature of the downlight from your device. It ranges in colour temperatures from warm (3000k), cool (4000K) to daylight (6500k).This can be extremely handy depending on the what mood you’re in, or perhaps in changing the lighting for entertaining. Not only does this downlight have natural colours, but has millions of colours at your disposal, choosing from the colour wheel to select your favourite colour for the mood. Another feature that makes this downlight stand out against every other, is its ability to sync up with your music. Flashing with the beat, it gives that nightclub feeling right in your home. A great quality about this LED colour changing downlight is that it is so easy to use, anybody with basic smartphone knowledge can run this downlight very easily. Simply download the app on your phone and pair multiple downlights to it and away you go. The Lighting Outlet absolutely loves this product and so do our customers. With their immense demand we find Brilliant Lightings downlight can not be made quick enough. With your next trip to Sydney, feel free to pop in our store for one of our friendly staff to give you a demonstration.

To view more about this product, please click on the link below.

Spectrum Smart RGB SMD LED Downlight 240V 9W ø108mm Brilliant Lighting - 19673/05

2.  Bahama Ceiling Fan 19587/06 The Bahama DC ceiling fan by Brilliant is one of The Lighting Outlets best selling fans. This is purely due to its minimalist, natural design providing you with that modern designer look. This fan certainlty has the looks, but it also brings great performance, which is why The Lighting Outlet will advocate this fan before any other. It is your standard 52” size fan that will comfortably fit for most rooms in the house. The Bahama runs on DC power at 32w; it is extremely efficient on your power bill, out-doing traditional AC fans by producing less than half of typical power consumption. We always highly suggest DC power for fans, as you avoid that annoying ticking all fans seem to attribute after a year or so. This fan is included with a 6 speed remote so you can achieve the perfect airflow you need. It comes in 4 different colours, having the option between white, black, white/ash and charcoal/maple. As well as the option of having models that include a bright 18w LED light. One of our favourite things about this fan is that Brilliant have great trust in their product, seen with the 2 year “In Home Warranty” and 5 year motor warranty. So sit back and know you have purchased a product that the supplier themselves have confidence in to last the distance.

To view or buy this Bahama LED ceiling fan by Brilliant click on the link below.

Bahama 52" DC Ceiling Fan Brilliant Lighting 1958 7/05, 19587/06, 19587/37, 19587/51

3.  Andromeda 3-in-1 18270/05 The Andromeda 3-in-1 exhaust fan by Brilliant is our favourite all-round, value bathroom exhaust fan. It is hard to find an exhaust fan that has all 3 of its components working as well as each other, but not with the Andromeda. This fan has a bright LED light of 14w, outputting over 1000 lumens at 4000k cool white. For its very affordable price, this exhaust fan is extremely powerful and resourceful, predominantly due to its fitted thermostat. It is programmed to turn itself on if the internal temperature goes above 80°C, whilst also remaining in the process a very quiet 48 decibels. The Lighting Outlets favourite feature about this bathroom exhaust fan is its heating function. Most all other competitors take the traditional R7 or 275w IR globes, which our customers always let us know easily blow. Yet the Andromeda’s heating mechanism uses ceramic coils that are built to continuously heat up without ever having to replace them. This is an important factor when choosing the right exhaust fan, as the R7 globes can cost over $40 and most common exhaust fans sometimes only last a few months or so. Overall, the Andromeda is a fantastic 3-in-1 exhaust fan by Brilliant, it is one of the first exhaust fans we recommend to our customers due to its performance and great price.

To view more on this bathroom exhaust fan click the link below.

Andromeda 3-in-1 Bathroom Mate with PTC Heater & LED Light Brilliant Lighting - 18270/05

4. LED Push Button Dimmer 18828/05 The Push Button LED dimmer by Brilliant is one of The Lighting Outlets all time best-selling dimmers. There are many reasons for its great popularity, however, it can be pinpointed to one thing, its reliability. In the early days of LED lights, we would constantly get complaints with dimmers only working with certain downlights. At this time dimmers would have to be compatible together to function. Yet all this changed with the Brilliant push button dimmer, working on over 95% of the downlights we have sold. This gave us and our customers newfound confidence in dimming LED products being hassle free. Compared to having a standard dial dimmer, the LED Push Button acts as an on/off function, alongside its primary dimming ability, accessed by holding down the button. We cannot recommend this product enough, for along with all of these functions its super slim appearance and mini blue light give your bathroom a high end and modern look.

To view more or to buy this LED Push Button Dimmer by Brilliant please click the link below.

Dimmers Push Button 240V, 50hz Brilliant Lighting 18828/05

5. LED Slimline Batten 20010/05 The LED temperature changing, ceiling batten light by Brilliant, ticks all the boxes with practicality and design. Traditionally, ceiling batten lights are known for looking big and bulky, thought to be only suited for warehouses. Yet with Brilliants slimline LED battens, you are able to style them in any room due to its sleek design. The best feature about this LED ceiling light is that you can change the colour temperature from a yellow warm white, to a natural white, all the way through to a bright daylight. This LED batten light certainly delivers a bright output of 3800 lumens that will easily light up a medium size room. With a 3 year warranty and life span of 30,000 hours+ you know you have Brilliants confidence and trust. 

To view more or to buy this LED Push Button Dimmer by Brilliant please click the link below

LED Slimline Batten CCT (3000K, 4200K, 6500K) in 20W or 40W White

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Current Discount Terms and Conditions

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*Some brands excluded